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Mission Accomplished: Find Mewburn Ellis a First-Rate HR Manager

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Posted on: 14 Aug 2018

Mewburn Ellis is an IP firm with clients all over Europe. It helps organisations leverage intellectual property to assist with the inception, management and delivery of innovative technologies.

For example, the IP firm supported biotechnology company, Zealand Pharma, when they developed Lyxumia (used in the treatment of diabetes). Mewburn Ellis’ legal advice helped Zealand Pharma confidently launch the new technology-based drug without infringing any third party IP rights.

When a vacancy opened up for a HR Manager in their Bristol branch, Mewburn Ellis turned to their Manchester neighbours, We Are Adam – who recruit across the UK – for help sourcing candidates and recruiting for the role.

Specialist Expertise

We Are Adam specialises in various sectors, from digital to HR recruitment. Since Mewburn Ellis were searching for a HR Manager, Adam was able to offer unrivalled support from their top HR expert.

A principal HR consultant at Adam was handpicked for the task. With over a decade working in recruitment, they had the relevant skills and experience needed to help Mewburn Ellis find a stand-out candidate.

A Triumphant Hunt

Our consultant used a range of headhunting and advertising methods to source and attract top talent. It didn’t take long for the perfect candidate to submit their interest.

Suzanne Wood responded to the advert, standing out against the other candidates thanks to her vast experience in senior HR roles.

Suzanne started her career in finance, rising through the ranks. Shortly after she took on a senior finance role, she received and accepted an opportunity to work in HR.

Fast-forward seventeen years and she’s still working in HR in senior HR leadership roles. Suzanne’s career has taken her across a variety of different sectors, including manufacturing, retail, engineering and legal. Her most recent role was head of HR for transport business, Somerset Passenger Solutions.

However, this was a contracted position and Suzanne decided she needed more stability from her job. She wanted to make a long-term difference – exactly the kind of dedication Mewburn Ellis was looking for from its new HR Manager.

Not Your Ordinary Recruiter

Suzanne has worked with many recruiters in the past. With the big agencies especially, she found her placement experiences to be like a “form-filling exercise”.

There was little care taken to understand her specific needs and goals. It’s was always very impersonal: securing a placement as quickly as possible was the name of the game. She “didn’t feel understood or valued”.

Before working with Adam, her expectations were understandably low. But the process turned out to be the opposite of what she was expecting. It was insightful, rewarding and human. Our consultant spent “a lot of time getting to know” Suzanne and “supported her throughout”.

They were able to build a picture of Suzanne’s ideal role, one that would align with her unique background, skill set and values. It wasn’t just a case of Suzanne fitting the role well, “the role had to fulfill Suzanne’s career ambitions and lifestyle needs perfectly”.

The hiring process gave Suzanne confidence in Adam and our abilities. ”It was a swift and succinct procedure including two interviews, the latter requiring a presentation”. We spent time with Suzanne to ensure she was fully prepared so she could nail each interview – and she did.

Owing to a stellar candidate and our consultant's guidance, Mewburn Ellis gained the HR Manager it needed to support its people and help the business’ Bristol branch flourish.

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