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Trading Manchester for Melbourne. A Blog by Henry Jones

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​I never thought I would be so sad about walking away from a job to go and explore a new country on the other side of the world, but here I am.

As I approach the final few months of my twenties, its dawned on me that I haven’t spent longer than two weeks out of the UK since I was 19, and even then, I was working for a holiday provider working 6-day-weeks for £350 a month (all board and food included of course)…so the time has come…It’s now or never really, so I’m off.

It might seem like an easy decision (and it really should be) but walking away from something that has been the impetus of my professional and personal development is no easy thing.

Two and a half years ago, I moved to Manchester to live with my girlfriend, Mariella. I had no friends or connections, and no real tangible experience in any profession to help me find a job. I spent the first few weeks begrudgingly trying door-to-door sales, and working night shifts (where I would apply for roles relentlessly) when I finally received a response from We Are Adam regarding a Resourcing position I had applied for.

My knowledge of recruitment was minimal…a few friends had given it a go after Uni and not lasted very long, and I personally had never spoken to, nor benefitted from the industry, but Adam saw something in me.

After an initial video call, I was invited to meet a few members of the team, and before I knew it, I was starting my new role as ‘Executive Resourcer’ supporting Consultants. I worked on various assignments, searches, admin and back-office responsibilities, I even finished off a bit of painting in the office, but I wanted to be on the phone talking to people. I expressed an interest in stepping into a consultant role, and a path was laid out within days, and I was told exactly what I needed to do to work campaigns myself.

Skip forward two years, and I’m now a Senior Consultant within the Marketing team, and not doing too badly! The team here have been nothing but supportive, helping me achieve something I didn’t think was possible two years ago.

Of course, I have learnt a huge amount about recruitment & client relationships, but I have also learned what it is that makes a brilliant company brilliant. We Are Adam puts their people first, in everything. I haven’t once woken up and dreaded going to work, I haven’t once felt silly for asking a question I should probably know the answer to, I haven’t once had a concern ignored – and no, I’m not being paid to write this.

Adam has four key values: Ethos, Mission, Purpose and Culture. Like most, they went in one ear and out the other the second I had them read to me, but a few years in and they resonate more than ever. Recruitment gets a bad rep, and I can understand why. There are a lot of consultants who will cut corners, prioritize their own billings, embellish job descriptions and ghost anyone who isn’t going to make them money – but if I was caught doing anything of the sort at Adam, I wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes here.

I have been taught to take pride in an ethical approach, to maintain transparency and good comms, and do the best job I possibly can. I have helped candidates and clients fulfill their professional aspirations and subsequently achieved my own. At the start of each year, my directors have asked me to write down all my goals, personal and professional, and low and behold, I’m healthier and more financially stable than I have ever been in my life. Not once have I been micromanaged, not once have I had unachievable KPI’s put on me, I have simply been guided, supported and informed.

So it’s a sad thing to walk away from, but I have been told that the door is always open, and the comfort that brings me is immeasurable. God knows what I would have been doing this year if I hadn’t been given a chance by this company, but I can almost guarantee I wouldn’t have been jetting off to Australia to travel the east coast, wish me luck!


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