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A Mobile Workforce – The Pros & Cons

The freedom to work from anywhere is in high demand. Top-quality candidates crave job flexibility to improve their work-life balance, save money and gain greater autonomy.Is this a good thing for b...

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The Manchester Gig Economy – Manchester Freelancers Share Their Stories

Is becoming a freelancer or contractor truly a smart career move?It sounds like a sweet deal. To be your own boss, choose which projects to work on and who to work for, all the while doing somethin...

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Recruiting Permanent Staff Isn’t Your Only Option: Why You Should Consider a Temporary or Contract Hire

Business is booming! Right up until that moment a key staff member suddenly takes long-term leave. Then you’re left struggling to fill their shoes while juggling all your other responsibilities.The...

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How to present your CV for a contract marketing role

Before we start, it’s important to recognise that, as good as my advice is, it is just that – advice. And as good as my advice is, there is other good advice out there. Definitely beware those who ...

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Things to consider when working as a contractor

The rules for contractors, agencies and end-clients feel like they get tighter every year, but remaining compliant is a simple case of informing yourself, and sticking to the rules. As recently unv...

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How to find the very best temporary staff

Temporary or contract staff may sometimes seem like a backup plan to hiring permanent staff, but there are many benefits, which we’ve discussed, in previous blogs. I’m here today to talk about how,...

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We’re all going on a summer holiday

With the summer holidays coming thick and fast, you could be facing weeks and even months, with people away from desks and projects. It’s important that your business maintains its productivity and...

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