New for 2024! Hiring Trends Report

Introducing the We Are Adam Hiring Trends Report for 2024.

A year has passed since our last report, and this time we're going all out. In addition to our usual salary insights, we've surveyed our network of senior leaders to give you both sides of the coin. Alongside our usual employee satisfaction data now sits information shared by our hiring managers. Featuring brand new sections on topics such as remuneration and culture, this report is an essential read for all those making strategic people decisions in 2024.

Here's a snapshot of the current landscape:

  • 51% express dissatisfaction with their basic salary.
  • 52% are actively seeking new roles, with an additional 26% considering fresh opportunities.
  • 26% are actively pursuing a new challenge, marking it as the primary motivator for job changes in 2024.
  • 59% expect to hire in 2024.

Inside this report, you'll discover:

  • Key trends and data, unveiling the reasons behind job transitions, the desired pay increases, and the average notice periods.
  • Hiring trends as forecast by our network of senior leaders, with a peek in to which departments are ear-marked for investment or, perhaps more crucially, are anticipating cuts.
  • Insights into C-suite and Executive levels, offering a glimpse into market movements and the salaries required to attract top-tier leaders.
  • An expanded breakdown of salaries within our core specialisms: HR, Commercial, Digital, Marketing, and Agency.

Whether you're formulating your hiring strategy for 2024 or aiming to negotiate a salary increase, we trust that the insights in this report will prove valuable. It's essential to note that these figures represent national averages, and salary discussions are nuanced, influenced by factors like location, industry, experience, and business size, among others.

While this report serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the broader market, we recognise the need for tailored insights. If you require a more detailed review of your specific circumstances, reach out to our team at 0161 359 3789 or drop us a note at We're here to assist with everything from assessing your current career trajectory to providing a comprehensive, data-backed analysis of your people and hiring function.