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Adam Explains lets us share with you our knowledge and experience on business growth and people management.

Our downloadable content series helps companies develop and improve their talent acquisition, employee retention and engagement. Building on decades of in house resourcing and HR experience, we’ve analysed market trends and captured great insight from some of the UK's finest business leaders.

Has Hybrid Had It's Day?

We began 2020 the same as any other year, but it became the most transformative year of our lifetimes. It accelerated an already growing trend - hybrid working. But 2 years on we're asking ... will it last?

What you'll learn in this report:

  • What's changing about the workplace.

  • What challenges are people facing with hybrid.

  • Is hybrid work over?

  • How to make hybrid work for you

  • What's next for hybrid?


2022 Salary Survey

Let's be real here. The rising cost of living combined with a reassessment of personal priorities has transformed the job market. We're currently looking at record numbers of vacancies despite unemployment rates dropping dramatically. There isn't enough talent to fulfil demand. That's why we knew the time was right to produce our first ever Salary Survey.

Salary Survey 2022 cover

What you'll learn from this report:

  • ​Key market trends

  • C-suite & Executive level insights

  • A breakdown of salaries across all our specialisms: HR, Marketing, Digital and Agency

  • Data on key metrics such as average notice periods and gender pay gap


The Future is Flex:
Our Ultimate Guide to Flexible, Hybrid and Agile Working Models

As restrictions lift in the UK, we've heard the word 'flexible' being knocked about. The problem is, people seem to be using it as a 'catch all' term, when the reality is very different. Our experts have pulled together this easy to consume report to help business owners and leaders define the strategy that best works for their business.

The Future is Flex cover

What you'll learn from this report:

  • Why some form of flexibility, agile or hybrid working is essential to keep up with your competitors.

  • Data showing why we know for certain that the old way of working is long gone.

  • The difference between flexible, hybrid, remote, agile and distributed working models and how these might work for you.

  • How to manage a remote workforce.

  • How you can use your new policy to enhance your employer value proposition and attract the best candidates for your business.


The Future of Work: Part II

​When we launched Part I, we were naively optimistic that Part II would look at how we've begun to return to 'normal', and explore the changes businesses have made. How wrong were we?! In Part II, we are joined once again by our partnersmy2beas we round up friends from the Manchester community and experts from around the world to discover what they believe will be The Future of Work.

The Future of Work 2 cover

What you'll learn from this report:

  • Advice on supporting staff who have returned from furlough

  • Latest trends on office space and remote working

  • Guidance on separating work from home and keeping a good balance

  • The power of Mentoring

  • Insights on remote management and how technology can propel your business

  • How the UK stacks up against other countries from around the globe


The New Working World:
Employment Issues You Might Encounter

​With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting every aspect of our working lives, employers have had to adapt to new ways of working and fast. As the cracks begin to show, employment issues are coming to the fore. We co-hosted a webinar event in October, to help answer all your burning questions when it comes to HR in our 'new normal'.

The New Working World cover

What you'll learn from this report:

  • Why some workers may be reluctant to return to work, and how to navigate these situations

  • The risks associated with working from home, and your responsibilities as an employer

  • How and when to introduce flexible working policies

  • How to conduct hearings and deal with grievances during lockdown measures


The Future of Work 2020

Our predictions for a post-lockdown world, in collaboration with my2be. Discover how we believe the world will be influenced in 2020 and beyond.

The Future of Work cover

What you’ll learn in this whitepaper:

  • How to prepare for a return from furlough

  • The benefits and challenges of remote working, and how to overcome them

  • Maintaining your company culture and supporting employee well being

  • How technology plays a key role in ‘the new normal’

  • How to seek opportunity in times of economic uncertainty through innovation

    …. and much more!


The importance of having a strong employer brand

A strong employer brand is a window into your business. It determines how you present your organisation at every touchpoint across the employee lifecycle. It also helps people outside your business understand what it’s like to work for you and makes it more likely you’ll attract those who share your values.

A How To Guide to Employer Branding cover

What you’ll learn from this report:

  • What is Employer Branding?

  • Employer Branding Benefits

  • How to develop your Employer Brand

  • How to attract the most talent