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Client Testimonials

[Lorna] ​Listened to my requirements, used the JD to benchmark the right candidates, used [her] skills to search the market, briefing candidates so they are properly prepared for the interviews, gathering honest, valuable and useful feedback.

Janine Howson

Janine Howson

Marketing & Ecommerce Director

​I also think by engaging with digital agencies properly you feel like another equal agency and not a recruiter gunning it for fee. We're all savvy to commercials and all that, but the relationship with you guys has separate our experience by leaps and bounds from anything before.

Tom Telford

Tom Telford

Managing Director, 3WhiteHats

I have used Vanessa on many occasions over the years to assist with recruiting HR professionals and highly recommend the service she provides as she always manages to source high quality candidates. She quickly grasps the business context and an understanding of the requirements and therefore finds appropriate people who could fit within the organisation. 

Katherine Heywood

Katherine Heywood

VP Human Resources UK

Vanessa is an excellent partner to work with. She is insightful about HR and business in general. Vanessa will give a credible and valued opinion of any proposals you may make to her. In my view Vanessa just 'gets' it and will help you form your thoughts and proposal if you require. Equally if you tell her that you need to move quick then this is exactly what happens.

Nicola Byrne

Nicola Byrne

Group UK HR Director

​Peter always goes the extra mile and is very efficient & a pleasure to work with.

Bhavna Mistry

Bhavna Mistry

Director of Product Marketing, Brady

​Acted like partners, not a recruiter. We got the sense that you took the time to understand us and were enthusiastic and interested in us and our role. You are different from other recruiters we've worked with - please keep up the partnership efforts at the start, it makes such a difference. Just taking that small amount of time to understand us and be genuinely interested in what we're doing is such a different experience.

Tom Telford

Tom Telford

Managing Director, 3WhiteHats

Vanessa is ethics and values driven which is invaluable to any employer wanting to get it right! I highly recommend Vanessa and am happy to speak with anyone who may be considering working with WeAreAdam to share my experiences. ​To add to this not only is Vanessa is very well networked, Vanessa very much cares about getting the 'right candidate' into the 'right role'. I have known Vanessa to turn away work (or heavily challenge it) if she feels that it is not right and she will work as hard as you will so as to get the right person.

Nicola Byrne

Nicola Byrne

Group HR Director

Richard is a top guy that is one of the genuine folk of recruitment. He just loves to have a good conversation and is at ease making new connections wherever he goes. Whenever we catch up, it's great to be in his company and I'm always left energised by our interactions. Working with him also proved to be effortless. Great result all round.

Matthew Aguilera

Matthew Aguilera

Head of Social Media and Content Marketing

I’ve worked with Adam for years and recruited from them frequently when I ran my own agency business in Manchester. They take a real interest in what we do and make sure they find people that are the right fit, which sounds like a no brainer, but seems to be a skill that’s lacking in other firms.

Andrew Brown Allan

Andrew Brown Allan

Group Marketing & Propositions Director, Trak Global Group

We Are Adam would always go beyond ‘normal’ customer service; providing timely, insightful and friendly support.

Jen Smith

Jen Smith

Senior Manager, Advisory at BDO LLP

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