Adam HQ Manchester

Like most people, we've taken an agile approach to work. That means you won't always find us in the office, but you'll easily catch us on the phone or via email.

We still love to meet people in person though! Why not get in touch via the contact form below to kick start your journey?

Our Offices

To quote (the poet) Longfella; this is the place.

Though we're often at home, this office remains our HQ. Our meeting spot to connect and collaborate, and get to know each other as well as get to know you.

We may be scattered across the country, but we'll always have time for a cuppa with our southern friends. You'll find us here when we're in the big smoke.

We would LOVE to meet you in person, but our agile working approach means you can't just pop in for a brew anymore. Please get in touch via the form below to arrange a catch up instead.

See you soon!

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