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Soft Skills Are The New Critical Skills

There can be no denying that the working world has faced massive upheaval over the past two years. As we prepare to head into the third year of the global pandemic, the long-term effects of prolong...

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The 5 Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

As a busy business professional, you have to ask: “Do I have the time to be a mentor?”To answer that question, you have to work out how much it’s worth to you. Because there are always ways to make...

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Rising to the Top – What Does It Take?

Is there a definitive roadmap to success? Or is it a case of right time, right place?We sponsored Platform Exo’s Exponential Leadership Conference in Manchester to find out.Here’s what we learnt fr...

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Should You Have a Mentor?

Many greats of our time wouldn’t be where they are today without a mentor leading them through the dark.“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” — Isaac NewtonMentors ...

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Use my ‘Three B’s’ to make the most of any media opportunities.

Go in under cooked and you’ll get grilled.It’s as simple as that.Anyone who thinks they can busk their way through a media interview is at best naive and at worst an idiot.Actors warm their voices ...

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