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Living Our Values - Personal Development

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There’s nothing quite like working for a business that feels like a home away from home. Where you fit in perfectly with the team, feel assured that the leadership has your back and love everything the company stands for.

If these things are important to you, Adam might just be the recruitment business you’ve always dreamed of working for.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes Adam stand out from the crowd as an employer. So you can understand what being a part of our team could mean to you.

Achieve Your Personal Goals

A recruitment business that doesn’t rely on KPIs to boost personal performance? “Inconceivable!” You say. However, we are living proof that you don’t need to crunch KPIs to be a hench recruiter.

What you DO need is confidence that your employer has your personal interests at heart. That they will do whatever it takes to make your goals achievable so you can continually deliver your best work.

At Adam, our leadership team works closely with each team member to understand what’s important to them. They then assist in developing a business plan centered around each employee’s unique vision of success. Our Operations Manager, Leanne Scaletta, shares how we helped her progress in her career:

"Since joining Adam four years ago, I've progressed quicker than I could have ever dreamed of. Thanks to Richard, Vanessa and Leon, I've managed to surpass all my personal and professional goals and can't wait to see what the future holds for Adam and my part within it!"

What’s your endgame? Perhaps you want to progress through the ranks for the ultimate challenge. Or maybe you want to earn more money so you can provide better for your family. You might even want both!

Whatever your goals, we will put them on the wall for continual reminders about what you’re working towards - and to ensure we’re always on top of your personal development. After all, this is your show.

Feel Healthier and Happier

We all experience highs and lows in life - that’s just the way things work. While we can’t always control the bad things that happen to us, there are lots of tactics to make surviving them easier - like surrounding yourself with the right people.

At Adam, we want our employees to feel like we’ve got their back no matter what. So when the tough times roll in, our office is a safe space where they feel supported and heard. To be able to provide this, we have:

  • Integrated a mental health first aider into our team - someone who can spot the signs of ill mental health and offer effective support

  • Created an open door policy - so our employees can comfortably discuss any personal concerns with the leadership team

  •  Provided access to personal coaches - to help staff deal with specific issues such as anxiety and low self-esteem

Having these different elements of support in place has had a huge impact on our existing staff. Plus, offering our staff flexible working hours ensures they get the time they need to deal with personal matters and maintain a good work-life balance, as our Senior HR Consultant, Kayleigh Yarwood highlights:

 “The flexibility they offer is great and most staff utilise the option to work from home. This really helps with making appointments and achieving a good work-life balance."

Share and Celebrate Success

Recruiters are notoriously cut-throat. Most believe that if you want success, you have to fight for it, and that means taking no prisoners on the road to success.

It’s a world that suits some ... but not us. The only time we compete against each other is when we’re playing pool.

Working at Adam means being a part of a close-knit team where every individual shares a common aim. Our recruiters aren’t competing against each other to see who can get the best numbers. They are doing their best to help each other while celebrating each and every achievement.

When the company wins big (and sometimes when we just feel like it) we treat the team to a fun reward. Like holidays - for the past few years we have had several trips away including a fantastic trip to Porto filled with sun, sand and sangria.

We also indulge in regular nights out or away days. Whenever we spot an opportunity to unwind, bond and revel in each others’ success, we seize it.

Make a Real Difference

We are a team of awesome people who strive to help others. Running and participating in charity events is something we do a lot.

For example, Gina Godsiff shares her recent charitable endeavors:

"I loved volunteering at Seashell Trust taking part in sensory activities with the young people there. Many of them have complex and severe learning difficulties, so being able to spend time with both the children and staff was extremely rewarding, knowing we were making a real difference to their days.” 

Also, challenging ourselves physically has been a running theme for our charity work over the past few years. 2016 was a spectacular year in this regard. For instance, our founder and director, Leon Milns, raised £6000 for participating in a seven-day marathon in Uganda. To find out more about his life-changing experience, read this.  

More recently, four brave Adam souls pushed themselves to the limits by racing up Snowdon for Manchester Beats Cancer. It was a 22-mile run and the team had to overcome tricky terrain and unpredictable weather to reach the top. The descent was hardcore too, as the participants had to face a series of Tough Mudder-style obstacles in the last few miles. But they did it and raised £600 in the process.

We’re extremely proud of our team for their unwavering passion to help those most in need. If you’re as equally as enthusiastic about giving back, you’ll be an amazing fit for Adam. To find out more about our continuous work for charities, visit our blog.

Become a Member of the Adam Family

As a rapidly growing business, we are always on the hunt for new recruitment consultants to help us fill our live vacancies.

Think you’re Adam material? Then gives us a call on 0161 359 3789 (Manchester) or on 0207 871 7665 (London) for a friendly chat. You can also email us at We can’t wait to hear from you.