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Helping Bhavna Mistry Build Powerhouse Marketing Teams

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Bhavna Mistry has been working for Brady, a global leader in safety, identification, and compliance solutions, for eleven years. She’s the director of product and multi-channel marketing and is responsible for the business’ direct marketing in the UK and various European projects.

Bhavna has her hands full, looking after the company’s creative and marketing communications teams as well as its products. She works predominantly on multi-channel marketing right from developing a product to getting it out to the market.

Adam Recruitment has been working closely with Bhavna for almost four years, helping her recruit professionals for her various teams.

How did Bhavna and Adam Come Together?

Bhavna connected with Adam during its infancy. She discovered them as part of the Manchester recruiter scene in the marketing sector while on the search for new team members.

Back then, she decided to work with another recruitment agency down south (where she was based). But she was disappointed by their lack of regional expertise – Bhavna was recruiting for a Northern position and soon discovered that the agency didn’t have the right network or enough knowledge of the area.  

She tried other agencies but didn’t appreciate their “batch and blast” approach to sourcing candidates. It was like working with salespeople who only cared about securing a deal. She wanted a personalised customer experience where her business’ needs were fully met.

So Bhavna decided to get back in touch with Adam for specialist recruitment support. We have now filled seven roles for her and are currently working on another.

We recently caught up with her to ask what she thinks of working with the Adam team. Here’s what she had to say.

A Breath of Fresh Air

“The entire Adam team are extremely approachable. I’ve visited their office a few times and you really get the impression that everyone loves working there.

“They made me feel valued from day one by taking a real interest in the business and what I was looking for in a candidate. Spending that quality time to understand your needs is what they excel at. I felt this especially when working with Peter, my main contact.

“In the beginning, Peter made the time to meet me face-to-face, whereas previously an agency would just make a short call and ask basic questions about the business.

“Meeting in person gave Peter the time he needed to get to grips with the business, our office environment and the requirements of each role. He also wanted to understand the little details – like the character and experience of the desired candidate.

“The extra care he took to understand what I wanted in a candidate was really reassuring. I knew he wasn’t just going to pull out random CVs from a database like some agencies. Peter truly went out of his way to make sure quality candidates would come through. This ensured my time was never wasted on interviewing candidates who weren’t a good fit.”

Outstanding Market Knowledge and Network

Whereas I felt like other agencies didn’t understand our market very well, the recruitment specialists at Adam knew exactly how things work in the marketing sector.

“They also have an impressive network of people throughout the country. On one occasion, I was looking for a marketing manager in London. They delivered tenfold.

“Peter found an impressive candidate from London who originally came from South Africa. She had the exact skills, experience and personality traits I was looking for. I couldn’t have asked for a better candidate.”

Proactive Communication

“I liked that they had a clear plan. Peter was upfront about how he was going to work and what he was going to do. And he reassured me that I’d be kept in the loop – which I was!

“Peter and the rest of the Adam team always stayed in contact and got back to me fast whenever I had a question. During the recruitment process, Peter would call to let me know any progress and would also contact the candidates to keep them updated.

“After an interview, Peter would also check in to ask me for my thoughts. He’d do the same for the candidates, making sure we were both happy with the way things were going.

“He was also great at handling feedback. If I ever had any concerns about a candidate, he would listen to my reasons and ensure the next applicant was different.

“Even when I needed to fill a gap fast, the communication was seamless. Back when I was looking to hire a batch of product managers, the Adam team were able to deliver without ever comprising communication or the quality of candidates provided.”

How Are The Candidates Doing Now?

“Every candidate Adam has placed has been a giant asset to the business. They are all still with us, and one employee, a marketing manager, is now in the middle of potentially moving up in the business.

“The talent sourced have dealt really well the demands of their jobs. For instance, a few of my team members were put forward to do presentations on product strategy to our CEO. They handled the pressure brilliantly.

“Peter also helped a colleague of mine based overseas find graduate interns to work on a placement with the company. He managed to find some stellar individuals who have really impressed us with their commitment and output.”

Final Thoughts on Working With Adam

“Anyone looking to recruit talent for their business should consider working with the Adam team. They take all the paperwork away, spend quality time to understand your requirement and make sure the candidates they interview tick all your boxes.

“Having worked with many different recruitment agencies, I’ve found that a lot of them lose interest after a while. Adam is different. Every role is important to them and they will always go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met.

“If you want efficient customer service, quality candidates and flawless communication, Adam will deliver and then some. They never waste your time or treat you like a sales deal that needs to be closed. This is an agency you can trust to treat you like a person. They are a joy to deal with, and we will continue to work them far into the future.”

Fill Your Recruitment Gap Today

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