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Why Adam loves Freshwalks

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Photos courtesty of John Shinnick

Becoming a fan of Freshwalks is easy (easier than certain walks, anyway). If you love the outdoors and want to mingle with other business people in Manchester, you can combine business with pleasure. You get to leave the office and explore the countryside (or learn about Manchester’s cultural heritage on Freshwalks City) while networking.

It’s an effortless way to network too, as our team have experienced multiple times. You feel comfortable meeting new people; the fact that everyone attending likes walking gives you something in common from the get-go. No awkward small talk. No stiff pitches. Just conversation without barriers.

We had a chat with our CEO – Richard Gahagan who’s a regular Freshwalker – to find out exactly why Adam became a sponsor and how it benefits the business.

What do you like about Freshwalks and why has Adam decided to sponsor it?

What’s not to like about Freshwalks? I’m a keen hillwalker, being in the hills is time-out from chaotic city living. And I like meeting new people. Freshwalks attracts lots of interesting people with very different backgrounds. You meet individuals who, like you, love being in the outdoors (unless it’s cold and raining). Conversations start and stop with every stile. It’s very easy to get to know someone and form new connections.

We decided to sponsor the event once we realised how aligned it was with our values. Helping the team feel healthy and happy is very important to us. They enjoy their work more and perform better.

Like Freshwalks, Adam is a super-connecter. We connect our clients with candidates and other business owners. We help people find new teams and colleagues to work with. Networking is an integral part of who we are. The union made sense in every aspect.

How long have you been a Freshwalker?

I did my first walk around 3 or 4 years ago – I was a ‘Netwalker’ back then (it was called Netwalking). I do at least 6 walks per year. Recently, though, an injury has brought that number down. But I’m now recovered and plan to do more.

Group of happy people networking outdoors

Photos courtesty of John Shinnick

What do you personally get out of it?

I get to make new connections, and I get personal introductions to prospects and potential suppliers. I also get to go on some truly extraordinary walks. The scenery around the Peak District is breath-taking. It clears my head and leaves me feeling invigorated.

How did you get involved in sponsoring?

It was Freshwalks founder, Michael Di Paola who suggested the idea. We get a good crew together for a lot of walks. And not just Adam people. We bring lots of guests too… including dogs.

How do you use the sponsorship for the benefit of Adam?

Freshwalks aligns brilliantly with the ethos of our brand. Our aim is for people to ‘know us from Adam’ and an event like Freshwalks which gives people the freedom to really get to know each other on a personal level fits perfectly. It’s also incredibly important for our team who are looking to get fitter or support their well-being by taking part.

Any Adam member or client who goes on a Freshwalk genuinely has a great time and will gain a business friend or two. As a collective, it encourages team building and personal development. Plus, because it’s so enjoyable, it’s something we can reward our staff with.

How can Freshwalks help with building client relationships?

You can invite clients and prospects to join you. Being out of the boardroom, those professional walls are broken down so you can make more meaningful connections.

How does Freshwalks compare to other Networking events?

A lot of networking events that match Freshwalk’s scale are corporate ones, where you have to deliver your pitch in two-minutes and stand in a line to swap business cards.

This style, though useful for some people, isn’t really our style. Some of our team members don’t enjoy corporate networking and the lack of proper relationship building they tend to suffer from. Freshwalks allows them to make new contacts in a relaxed and organic way. When you’re Freshwalking, you get quality time with others, forge genuine friendships and have a lot of fun. It’s a very open community.

You finish the trek buzzing from the great conversations you’ve had. These discussions continue after the event, too, (usually in the pub).