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7 Tools To Help You Be a Better Content Marketer

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how to be a better content marketer

Content marketing is as much about the numbers as it is about the words. To help get your content in front of as many of the right people as possible, you need a solid content marketing toolkit. And we’re here to flag up seven of the most useful content marketing tools to take your work to the next level.


If you’re still manually posting content from one platform to another, this is the app that joins the dots for you. By downloading what IFTTT call ‘applets’, you can automatically completes tasks like:

Tweet Instagram photos

Source: IFTTT

You can also keep up to date with breaking news stories in fields like business, tech and health with inbox feeds from the New York Times. And you won’t forget another writing idea with the applet that creates a content repository that automatically stores tagged inspiration.

This free tool gives you lots of options to choose from so you can select the applets that align with the platforms and technology you work with. Now all you need to think about is what to do with all that extra time you’ve just freed up.


Using real-time data, this app identifies trending topics across social media before they become popular allowing you to steal a march on the competition with of-the-moment content. You can also identify key influencers and advocates to approach for brand advocacy with certainty that they are relevant.

Trendspottr isn’t just helpful for content marketers – it also supports market research with emerging trends in consumer sentiment and helps optimise media planning and buying. This means you can afford to split the cost between teams making it an affordable department-wide tool. A free 7-day trial will help you know if it’s for you after which a $49 monthly fee applies.


Content audits are the stuff of nightmares. Time consuming and tedious, nobody wants to wade through page after page of websites, blogs and social. But for your content strategy to be effective it must be done.

Which is where Blaze comes in. A cloud-based content audit platform built to inventory, audit and analyse existing content. It allows you to create a single content catalogue across platforms and includes metadata and analytics so you can quickly identify any gaps, strategise effectively and keep plans on track.

The grandaddies of content marketing, HubSpot, say that the best way to generate material is to make it everyone’s responsibility. Which is easier to say than do. Unless you have a tool like which allows busy people to share content instantly.

Simply curate your own and others’ content – including articles, news and blog posts – and delivers the materials to every co-workers’ inbox. From here they can share on social media with a single click to get your content off to a flying start.



Using content to entice your audience to sign up to your mailing list is an old tactic and a good one. But it relies on the creation of a good-looking, functional form. In the past, that often meant waiting for a developer, but with OptinMonster, you can drag and drop to create your lead form on the spot.

There are a range of templates available that are optimised to generate great conversion rates. With customer segmentation, in-built A/B testing and user exit intent technology, you can capture your audience, get them to join your mailing list and even convert them into customers.

Not only will the plans save you time, but from $9, $19 or $29 per month, they also have the capacity to generate good return on investment.

Content is nothing without a call to action. Using a standard line of text or a static pre-designed image with text and clickable links is so yesterday. Some of today’s biggest brands use to add a branded custom CTA as a pop-up in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The movement of the pop-up is far more eye-catching than traditional methods and generates more return on the content you share. Better still, means you can add a relevant CTA to curated content. This means all content has the ability to drive traffic to your website, get people to join your mailing list or whatever else you want them to do.

Source: comes with its own dashboard to control and view all your activity and you can even assess progress by linking the platform with tools like Google Analytics and KISSmetrics.

Available free or with a range of paid business plans that allow you to generate up to 25,000 clicks per month, provide 15 brand profiles and access for 10 team members. All for $300 per month.


Fed up of the marketing sales divide? Feel like your sales team aren’t using the content you produce to drive deals? Put an end to the misery with Brainshark.

This online tool allows sales teams to pull together compelling video presentations based on the materials you’ve produced. As content constantly develops, this tool enables presentations to be quickly updated so your latest insights can be shared with customers.

Who creates the content for your sales teams will depend on your business culture. Choose to share the tool with sales and get them involved or keep control yourself and share information exactly how and when you choose to.

The platform also uses content to provide training materials to get new hires up to speed and it also integrates with other platforms like Salesforce. The software is available on a license basis so it’s not likely to be cheap. For full pricing details contact Brainshark.

Making the most of the content you’ve produced in a way that’s highly efficient is the key to doing your most effective work. Supercharge your content marketing tool box with the right tools for you and make work a whole lot better and a little bit easier.