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What is it Really Like to Work at We Are Adam?

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What is it Really Like to Work at We Are Adam?


Are you a recruiter who finds it hard to get out of bed in the morning?  Or do you drag your carcass back home every night? If this sounds like you, it could be time to move on from your job.  At We Are Adam, we like to think our team love working for us.  But, to be sure, we commissioned an anonymous survey to find out.  If you’re thinking of moving on to a new recruitment agency, and wonder if Adam’s the place for you, find out what our team had to say.





How Do We Hire Our People and Why Do They Decide to Join Us?




Over half our team were approached on the basis of personal recommendations while the other half responded to job adverts and social media posts.

We’re proud to say that our company values and culture were one of Adam’s main attractions for almost 40% of respondents.  And 50% said they also liked the exciting career prospects, the reputation of Adam’s senior management team and the earnings potential on offer.

What made you decide to join Adam?

Not all recruitment agencies enjoy the same reputation as Adam. A concerning 25% of our survey respondents told us they had suffered a bad experience in their previous role.




Finding Diamonds in the Rough




Because we only want the very best people who are the right fit for our business, our recruitment processes are demanding.  To test each candidate, we assess their personality, skills and potential and ask them to deliver a presentation.  This challenging approach is reflected in the survey results with of respondents finding the process more difficult than for other recruitment companies.




We Really Are Different




We pride ourselves on being different from other recruitment agencies.  And our team agrees.  100% of our survey respondents said that working at Adam is different from working for other agencies, mainly due to our values of openness and professionalism.  People also love the earnings potential and career opportunities at Adam that come without being overly focussed on sales and KPIs.



Team Work Makes for Dream Work




We believe that a business’ culture and values set it apart and our team agrees.  In fact, being respected and valued was the second most pleasurable aspect of working for Adam.  But head and shoulders above the rest was the fantastic relationship between co-workers.  This response is testament to the fact that we get our recruitment processes right and build a team that not only works well together but likes each other too.

We asked our team to identify the personality traits that would help someone fit in at Adam.  Here’s what they said.

What traits do you need to work at Adam?



Do Our Senior Managers Help our People Achieve What They Want?




There’s nothing quite like honesty. When asked what their personal objectives were from working at Adam, financial gain and work-life balance were tied for first place.  Career development and flexible working came in a close third and fourth respectively.

Personal objectives

Wanting good remuneration and work-life balance is one thing, but we’re pleased to say our people feel their senior managers support them in achieving these goals.  The word cloud below shows the words our respondents used to describe Adam’s senior management team.  The words in the largest font were used most frequently and show that our leaders take a structured approach to setting goals, and provide the support to help our team achieve them all within an open and flexible culture.



KPI Monsters Need Not Apply




As you’ve already seen, teamwork is central to our company’s culture.  So, it’s no surprise that when we asked, ‘what type of recruiter would not fit in?’, we were told that egotistical loners need not apply.

KPI monsters

So, if you’re the kind of recruiter who’s out for yourself or put meeting targets ahead of everything else, Adam is not the place for you .



The Best Bits About Working at Adam




Our team highlighted plenty of best bits about working for Adam.  But those that stood out were our culture, pay, the autonomous environment and the support given to our people.


If recruitment is your passion, but you haven’t found the right company to work for, We Are Adam could be your next career move.  Is Adam right for you? If you’re a genuine team player who’s great at building long term relationships for the good of your clients, it’s time to apply.

To find out more about joining Adam, contact Peter on 0161 359 3789 or via email at