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Life at Adam after 8 years – Lorna

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I’ve worked in recruitment for 15 years (with Adam for 8 years) and have seen many different environments throughout my career. I have worked in the super-fast paced graduate environment; hammering phones all day and drinks all night. I’ve also worked for global players where you are feel like you are just a number. As a Mum of two life is complicated enough without adding the complexity of a high pressure job. Working at Adam though, I feel valued for what I can bring rather than the hours that I sit at my desk. I work a flexible four day week which means I get to pick my kids up from school, read them a bed time story and then pick up the work I need to do from home.

A rigid recruitment environment is stifling (and incredibly boring!) and throughout my career I have always enjoyed spotting a niche in the market to capitalise on. I like to target that niche and headhunt scarce skill sets that clients just wouldn’t find otherwise. When I joined Adam, my remit was to develop the North West Professional Services Market within the marketing space. The autonomy and support I’ve been given here has meant that I’ve been able to expand our offering to cover a national remit and recruit the niche specialisms that I’m passionate about. We operate as a trusted advisor to our clients, getting to really understand their needs. Mass volume recruitment has never really appealed to me, preferring to work closely with individual clients at Adam and developing meaningful relationships. Ultimately this makes me feel like I’m really adding value when I’ve recruited the perfect candidate that will make a positive impact on my clients’ business.

Obviously it’s not all about work, earning bonus (kids are expensive so the bonus is needed!) and feeling valued. Despite sounding like the dullest Mum on earth, I do still feel inside like the 25 year old that used to drink her own bodyweight in champagne when she hit a record quarter. Thankfully we are a really social bunch and I get out for drinks with the team as much as possible. There are always great incentives, away days and regular post-work drinks that give me the opportunity to pretend that 25 year old is still inside there. Somewhere….