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We Are Adam Turns 15!

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​At the end of July 2021, the We Are Adam team celebrated our 15th birthday!

Although our official birthday is July 30th, we kicked off the celebrations the day before, with a few drinks at our office before heading out for a slap-up meal at Menagerie in Salford.

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Our recruiters and Directors were greeted with mimosas upon their arrival to the office from our rather enthusiastic Ops Exec, as well as nibbles and snacks so we didn’t start off the day on empty stomachs…

Getting to see each other in the office is always a fantastic occasion after the isolation of the pandemic, and with the lifting of restrictions and all of our employees being vaccinated, it meant that we could finally celebrate together – and it didn’t take long for the party atmosphere to take hold!

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“I’m lucky enough to have been with Adam for 6 of those 15 years and have seen the business transform in that time. I joined a team of brilliant individuals who were striving to do something different, something better. There’s been serious investment in the people of Adam which has resulted in a dramatic shift in the culture. Being surrounded by such a talented team drives me to be my best self every single day. It’s honestly inspiring and I’m proud to play my part. When COVID hit we were wracked with uncertainty, just like everyone else. But as a team we dug deep, supported each other, and took advantage of the unique opportunity it presented us with. It allowed us to really shake up the industry, to do something truly different, and to see a future for the business beyond anything I had imagined previously.

Most businesses fail within the first two years. We Are Adam has thrived during not one, but two ‘once in a lifetime’ recessions. It’s all thanks to a strong team of leaders who always put their people at the core of every decision. So, for all the milestones, the awards and financial records, it’s the people-centric nature of We Are Adam that continues to make this a superb company to work for.

Here’s to the next 15!” - Leanne Scaletta, Marketing and Operations Director

After some drinks and lots of catching up, we all set out towards Salford and Menagerie. None of us had ever been there before, so we were all curious and excited to see the venue (and eat delicious food, of course!)

We weren’t disappointed – Menagerie is a gorgeous venue, and they had set aside a big round table in the middle of the restaurant for us to celebrate. We all piled in and ordered drinks, with Vanessa really getting into the party spirit by ordering a round of shots! Well, it is an Adam celebration, after all…

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“I have been with Adam for 14 of its 15 years, from a tiny office in Wilmslow battling through hot summers and some great times, to now - Adam owning its own amazing office space in the Northern Quarter.

We have evolved and grown as a business, constantly thriving to better ourselves and our offering. We have obviously battled through some tough times, none more challenging than last year, but as always, we come out stronger and more together than ever. The team we work with need to be thanked hugely, as we truly are a high-performance team, however, we also need to thank our 1000’s of loyal and incredible clients and candidates.” - Peter Baker, Marketing Division Director

The food was also absolutely fantastic – a very special shout out to Menagerie for being so accommodating to allergy requirements. Whilst we were eating, we all spotted something out of the corner of our eyes… a catwalk! You can bet that we planned on strutting our stuff down that later…

We ended up staying at Menagerie for several hours in total, celebrating both the company and our colleagues. All of us feel lucky to be working with each other, and for a business that treats us like adults, and it was so good to get together in-person again and enjoy each other’s company.

And yes, we did strut our stuff down the catwalk! Although maybe that video will remain a group chat exclusive…

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Despite many, many sore heads and cries of “I’m never drinking again!” from us all the next morning, we all agreed that it was a fantastic evening, and we had a blast celebrating 15 years of We Are Adam – here’s to many, many more 🥂

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