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The Future of Work 2020: Company Culture

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Company culture is an important part of many organisations. A company’s culture is like their personality - it is what makes them unique, and many business leaders worry that allowing their employees to work remotely will result in the loss of that culture, leading to a less focused workforce.

Company culture is not just about gimmicks such as slides and pool tables in the office. It comprises of creating a sense of purpose, meaningful and considerate workplace relationships, ensuring a healthy work/life balance, and a worker’s alignment with the company’s purpose – and all of these things can be ensured without needing all of your workforce under one roof. A healthy culture in the workplace can also help staff retention and attracting new talent: in a 2019 Glassdoor survey, 56% of employees believe that a good workplace culture is more important to them than salary. 

The after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic are likely to ripple for years to come, so it is best to be as prepared as you can to weather the storm and to keep your company culture thriving whilst working remotely.

Establishing company-wide initiatives also helps nurture a company’s culture. By coordinating company- or department-wide initiatives helps keep the spirit of your values alive, brings people from different departments and teams together, and helps keep your teams connected and on the same wavelength. This also means that you will not lose any of the collaborative culture you had whilst working in the office.

With advances in technology, it is easier than ever before to keep your company culture alive whilst working remotely – lunchtime wellness activities such as yoga or meditation, after hours socials, and unofficial chat channels will help greatly with this. Doing so will help your team move forward towards mutual goals, keep brand values, and stay motivated.  

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, keeping our company culture alive at Adam was one of our biggest concerns, as we pride ourselves on having a thriving culture of collaboration, innovation, mutual respect, and shared success. We discovered that making a bit of extra effort to keep the team connected – a WhatsApp group, Friday evening virtual socials, etc – helped our team stay motivated and collaborative even through difficult and isolating times.

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