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The Future of Work 2020

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​2020 has been one of the most disruptive years to business in living memory. The global COVID-19 pandemic caused many businesses to grind to a halt and many others had to find their feet in the world of remote working very quickly.

As lockdown measures begin to ease across the globe, many businesses are looking at returning to normal, or at least creating a new normal for themselves and their employees. Adam Recruitment has partnered with my2be to produce a Whitepaper document investigating what this new normal will look like, and how best to adapt your business for a post-COVID world.

As Adam Mitcheson, co-founder of my2be states in his introduction: “The remote working revolution was well under way when COVID-19 arrived on our doorsteps”. Many global companies have been using remote and flexible working policies to attract and retain top talent for years, and during our investigations we explored how effective these policies were, and if they would be beneficial to business as a whole.

Employee Wellbeing and Health and Safety also featured heavily within our investigations. The health and safety of your employees should always be at the forefront of your mind as a business, especially when you are thinking of returning staff from furlough, however when it comes to introducing new policies and ways of working, it becomes paramount. We explored what obligations an organisation has to its’ employees, as well as how to keep your staff happy, healthy, and productive.

It is also important to remember that what works for one business may not work for another. Remote or flexible working may not be suitable for every company, and it is important to weigh up both the benefits and drawbacks of introducing such policies. In our report, we help guide you through deciding what is important to your business, and what works best for you.

We also explore what effect the daily commute has upon workers and the environment. It has been well-documented in the media that, during lockdown measures, greenhouse gas emissions sharply fell. Could a shift to remote working have a beneficial effect on your company’s carbon footprint? Would eliminating the stress of a daily commute have a major impact on your employee’s wellbeing?

Company culture is an integral part of most businesses, and keeping your company culture alive whilst working with distributed teams can be a major challenge. It is often cited as a deciding factor for jobseekers and can have a huge impact upon the success of a business. We looked at why this is such an important topic, and how businesses can make changes to keep their culture not only alive, but thriving.

The Future of Work 2020 Report also contains tips on remote managing performance, utilising available technology, and ensuring that your data remains secure whilst working remotely.

So sit back, make a brew, pop your feet up, and dive in.

Read the full report here.