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#AdamHosts...How to grow your agency with Robert Craven

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About this masterclass

We're delighted to announce another thought provoking morning breakfast masterclass with agency growth specialist, Robert Craven on 21st April in central London.

Discover how to escalate your agency growth with our morning masterclass, designed for ambitious agency businesses seeking rapid growth.

We’ll enjoy a light breakfast and some networking before settling in for a productive morning of insight and development. Hearing from our speakers, Leon and Robert, you’ll learn how to:

·       Create a profitable, deliverable strategy for your agency

·       Identify and win better clients

·       How to build a culture of excellence

·       Lead the team you work with

·       Run the business you’ve always wanted to run.

#AdamHosts is our agency growth masterclass series where we help growing agency businesses on the path to exponential growth. Each event will be facilitated by an expert speaker, renowned for their specific expertise: from growth strategy to culture, finance to process and everything in between.

This masterclass is an opportunity to put your agency on the path to rapid growth in 2020. Agency growth specialist, Robert Craven joins us to share the secrets behind what sets high-performance agencies apart from the rest. He'll share his advice on successful agency growth strategies, business development, operational strategy and strategic planning, marketing strategy, and what makes an effective board.

Your speakers

Leon Milns, Founder of We are Adam

Leon Milns is a highly-experienced recruitment consultant that specialises in helping agencies find, attract and retain the very best employees.

For the past 15 years, Leon has been helping independent agencies grow their talent to assist them with ambitious growth and development targets across the UK.

If there’s one thing that Leon has found that helps agencies attract the best people (and keep them engaged), it’s an inspiring and supportive company culture that permeates every inch of their business. And, he ensures he practices what he preaches! When building his own team in London, Leon took a human approach to attract ambitious and genuine recruiters that could support Adam’s growth strategy. His team of top talent now thrive through referrals and repeat business and have become an active part in the city’s digital community.

Robert Craven, Founder of GYDA and Digital Agency Expert

Robert is a specialist in agency growth coaching and mentoring with over 25 years experience.

Known for his no-nonsense approach to business growth, Robert has worked with agencies and platforms from London to Dublin, from Singapore to New York. Over the last four years, Robert and his team have helped over 1,000 agencies in over twenty countries to develop and grow. He's also spearheaded a global project for Google, becoming the Lead Coach and Designer for Google Partners’ 3-month Coaching Elevator Business Growth Program for the UK, Belgium and Romania’s top independent agencies.

Harnessing his unparalleled experience working with high-performance agencies, in 2015, Robert wrote his book, Grow Your Digital Agency. It has since been hailed as the no.1 resource for digital agencies by the likes of Sir Richard Branson and Jerry Blackett.

Benefit from Robert's extensive knowledge of agency growth strategy and learn how you can take your digital agency to the next level in 2020.

Join Leon, Robert and other agency owners for a morning of insight and self-reflection over breakfast at the beautiful Riding House Café in London. Chatham House Rule applies.

With only 12 places available, register your interest now to be first to hear when tickets are announced. Drop us an email and we'll be in touch with more information very soon.