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10 Year Retrospective - Lorna Meredith

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Our bright and brilliant Principle Consultant, Lorna Meredith, celebrated her 10 year anniversary at Adam last year, a fantastic achievement. In this blog, she reflects on her incredible journey since joining us and how moving from a huge corporate firm to a tight-knit team has benefited her.  

Sometimes I felt like I was just a number 

My career in recruitment started back in 2000. After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Journalism, I, of course, decided to do something completely different and applied for a head hunting position for a financial company in London.  

This came as no surprise to my family - as a child, I would change my dream job every week (at one point I wanted to be a football manager and at another, a train driver!).  

After spending two years hammering phones all day (and partying all night) in a fast-paced graduate environment, I progressed to leading the Public Sector team in 2002. I then moved on to set up an HR Investment Banking and Professional Services division. I grew the team and helped the brand become more established and recognised.  

In January 2004, I relocated to Manchester where I managed the Financial Recruitment division of a global and highly-corporate recruiter. It was a high-pressure role and due to the size and nature of the company, sometimes I felt like I was just a number despite having so much responsibility.  

In 2006, I had my first daughter and my priorities changed. I knew I needed to work in an environment that was more easy-going and flexible so I could enjoy being a mum to my beautiful girl while fulfilling my career ambitions. So I began looking for roles within smaller recruitment firms and the search eventually led me to Adam Recruitment in 2008.  

I feel valued for all the right reasons 

When I first joined Adam 10 years ago, my remit was to develop the North West Professional Services Market within the marketing space. I was focused on helping Adam grow key clients within this niche, building new relationships with businesses that struggled to find talent with the right background and cultural fit.  

The first thing that struck me from working with Adam was the incredible level of support on offer. 10 years on and this hasn’t changed. I effectively run my own business and have my own clients and Adam has always provided me with the support needed to be independent and nurture my skills.  

I would never have been able to achieve this in my previous roles. In those high-pressure environments, you’re constantly asked to take care of other things. At Adam, I have the freedom and time to concentrate on my own business and target the niches I’m passionate about.  

They also make me feel valued for the unique skills I bring to the table rather than for how many hours I sit at my desk. This makes me feel like I’m really adding value when I’ve recruited the perfect candidate that will make a positive impact on my clients’ business. 

It’s been incredible watching the business evolve 

Adam is always looking ahead, especially when it comes to improving its tech and culture.  

When I had my second child, Adam enabled me to work from home two days a week owing to its investment in reliable and state-of-the-art technology. I could work from the Moon (it’s actually a WiFi hotspot now!) and my performance wouldn't be inhibited.  

Not only has this enhanced flexibility enabled me to spend more time with my family but I can focus on myself too. I get the time I need to recharge ensuring I can always work at my best.  

In terms of culture, Adam just keeps getting better. Leon, Richard and Peter have always been proactive in thinking of ways to improve the business.  

Over the years, we’ve shifted from being revenue focused to understanding that success, and rewarding work, lies in working with the right clients and hiring the right people. Thanks to this, we’ve built strong relationships with our long-term clients, helping them find committed and passionate talent so they can establish quality teams for sustainable success.  

Adam has given me financial stability  

As I’ve been able to build my own business within Adam, I have been consistently financially stable. I was even the top biller for one year. This stability has ensured that I can support my two children and give them the best possible start in life.  My success at Adam has enabled me to climb up the property ladder and now we have our own family home in Alderley Edge.  

Working at Adam also brings me a lot of joy. It’s a wonderful environment to work in. My colleagues are genuine and down-to-earth and we love celebrating each others success.  

Plus, the company regularly organises away days and even holidays to celebrate our communal success. This has brought the team much closer together - it feels like we’re a family which is something I’ve never experienced before working in recruitment.  

I’ve now been with Adam for over ten years, and my life has improved immeasurably since joining the company. In the end, I can safely that I’ll never look back. 

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