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Adam HR Welcomes Lindsey Wroe to the Team

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Lindsay Wroe welcome to the team

We’re always on the lookout for excellent recruiters to join us here at Adam and we’re excited to welcome the outstanding Lindsey Wroe to the Adam HR Team. The addition of Lindsey to the team as a principal consultant is a landmark appointment. Lindsey brings over 10 years of HR Recruitment experience, knowledge and connections to the team, to help us drive the business forward. We caught up with Lindsey to hear about her career to date and how she is settling into her role

HR Recruitment Has Become My Home

This is my fourth week at Adam and I’m really enjoying it so far. I left my last HR Recruitment role around Christmas to go into an in-house rec to rec role but soon realised I missed the HR market too much. After 10 years it had become my home. I decided that if I wanted to return to HR recruitment it would have to be for a company that was highly regarded. So, when the opportunity arose to join Adam I jumped at it. There are many reasons why I decided to join Adam over other companies. I knew the business well as they used to be one of my competitors and they are very well thought of in the HR market. Adam always come very highly regarded and I’ve heard lots of good things from my contacts about the work Vanessa (Jackson) and Louise (Hunter) do.

Success in HR Recruitment is Driven by Strong Relationships

During the last 10 years, I’ve worked in two large multinational corporate recruiting firms and developed experience across the board. I’ve worked with a broad range of clients in an array of sectors. The great thing about HR recruitment is that because it’s so relationship driven, I’ve followed a lot of my candidates as their careers have progressed. There are many people who I worked with in the early days who were just starting out and I have since supported their progression into senior HR roles, up to Head of and Director level which is very rewarding. It’s great that they have trust in me to help them progress their careers and it’s the closeness I have with my contacts that drew me back into HR Recruitment.

In terms of sectors, broadly speaking, during my career to date my client base has been quite focussed on retail, leisure, professional and business services. I seem to have a natural affinity for those sectors. However, I have also worked within the public sector, manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceuticals, the list goes on! Again this diversity comes from building and maintaining strong relationships with HR professionals as they move through their careers. I have worked across all levels of placements from Assistant and Advisor level HR roles to Business Partner and Manager, going right up to Head Of and Director level roles, across all disciplines within the HR spectrum. So, I’m looking forward to bringing this level of experience to the already strong HR team at Adam.

Getting Under the Skin

My approach to generating the best result for both clients and candidates is all about developing an open and honest relationship. Often, it’s easy for clients or candidates to give you the bare minimum of information and leave you to conjure a miracle, which isn’t effective.

I try to influence clients to invest time in me now, help me understand the company, the role and the vision of what they want a person to achieve for the business. This will make it a much smoother process to find the right candidate in the long run. I need to get under the skin of what the business is all about, what they want this person to achieve and how they will help them achieve their objectives. Success comes from starting a conversation and thinking beyond the job spec.

For candidates, I work to help them understand what they want to achieve from their career both in the short and long term. What type of company do they want to work for? What culture will they suit? What will challenge them? What type of role will help them achieve their aspirations? Developing this level of understanding helps me to match my candidates with the right kind of employer.

Why I Decided to Join Adam

I spoke to Vanessa a couple of times and she told me about her vision for the HR division at Adam, which I found extremely exciting. They are a small team who really want to grow and become the GO TO brand for HR Recruitment. They want to build that gravitas and credibility with senior HR leaders. I wanted to join the team now and have an impact on their growth as they are on the cusp of something really exciting.

They have quite a different approach to other recruitment businesses I have worked with. Adam is a very outgoing and vibrant brand which is really appealing. You are given a lot of autonomy, which was talked about during interview but has translated into the day to day, which is good to see. There are no rules about who I can or can’t speak to or what I can or can’t do. It’s very much on me to define where I want to go with my role and how I want to grow my business. It’s a very grown-up company, vastly different to the stereotypical high volume, KPI driven nature of many recruitment companies. They recognise that everyone works in different ways. We’ve all got the same goals about making money, driving the business forward and delivering a quality service but here it’s also about harnessing these different ways of working and empowering people.

We have a lot of ownership here. You’re more visible which gives you a real drive to push on. But equally, everybody is keen to share ideas and help each other, as we all know the challenges we face on a day to day basis. It’s a very collaborative working environment and there is no status driven culture here at all. To fit in at Adam you need to be open to sharing. It’s all about the goal of the team rather than individuals.

To contact at Lindsey, call Adam on 0161 359 3789 or email