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Citywalks – Freshwalks’ urban sibling whips up a storm for Vanessa

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You may recently have read that Adam is currently sponsoring Freshwalks, and today was my inaugural event at one of their City Walks.

Established by Michael di Paolo, Freshwalks brings together Manchester business folk by providing a unique networking opportunity,

“Fresh air, Fresh Perspective & Fresh Connections”.

And I loved it – not only was it dry (a rarity for Manchester), it was a fantastic opportunity to meet new and old business contacts in an informal manner, whilst getting some exercise and also learning something new about the city environs.

Today focused on Ancoats, and we had a highly informative tour by Sue McCarthy of Tour Manchester. Notwithstanding the ever-changing landscape of Ancoats, encompassed by property development of both business communities and homes, the area is teeming with history. Highlighted today was St Peter’s Church where the Halle practice; Anita St which was initially Sanitary Street; the ex-cotton mill “Royal Mills”; and gang warfare c1880 on Bengal Street.

Ancoats, Manchester

Ancoats, Manchester

It strikes me in the era of needing to address wellbeing at work, this could be a future trend! Will organisations set up walking clubs or walking meetings; embracing both health and communications, whilst being very low cost with bottom line performance? Grab your trainers & your waterproof…


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