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Values & Purpose: the no.1 priority for jobseekers

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When planning this weeks’ #MilnsysMondayMusings poll, I decided to focus on what people really consider when it comes to making the decision about which business you should join. There were several options I could have shared but I decided on three key criteria that keep coming up when we pose the question to both our clients and candidates.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Values and Purpose’ left the other options in their wake, which were business plan and remuneration. Nowadays, business owners are far more on the ball and aware of the positive impact when it comes to creating an empowering environment where employees not only feel valued, but also, and more importantly some might argue, they are part of a deeper purpose.

Why we do what we do, what it is that makes us leap out of bed in the morning are key motivators for the Millennials that are vastly populating our workforces. They have an unwavering desire to be part of something special, more so, they are craving to create something special in a values driven environment.

Long gone are the days where we choose one business over another because the basic salary is slightly more. I would urge all of us to gaze deeply inside our own organisations and pose these questions – what is our purpose? Why are we doing what we are doing? What key values do we live and breathe daily? I’d personally recommend a read of Dan Pink’s great book ‘Drive’ if the aforementioned strikes a chord with you.

I’d also recommend taking yourselves off site, invest a day into creating these and the results and input will be remarkable, especially if you involve your whole team. By involving the entire team with this process, you will increase employee engagement tenfold as everyone will feel part of what has been conjured up. This will also form the heartbeat of the business as you grow and take on new people who want to become part of your tribe. We did it a couple of years ago, and our culture has been transformed by what we believe in.

If you can get this right, I believe your employee value proposition will be stronger than ever, which in turn will enable you to attract, land and retain the best folks in the industry.

Good luck, embrace it, enjoy it and thrive!