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‘5k every day? Easy!’…said no one. Ever.

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But 5k a day they did! At the beginning of October some of the team at Adam embarked on the challenge of running 5k every single day for the entire month to raise money for a cause close to all of our hearts – Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

The rules were that you had to run/walk/swim (even crawl if you had to!) 5 kilometres every day for 31 days, and it had to be evidenced on social media via an activity app. The forfeit, should anyone have an injury or fall ill during the month, was a £5 donation for every day that it wasn’t completed.

Now that the month has come to an end and a grand total of £2,153 has been raised so far, the people who took part have let us know how they found the challenge:

Christine Bailey:

I decided to walk because I’m not an athlete and 5k is 5k. But I wanted to take part and raise some money (mostly in penalties) for an amazing cause and I’m now focussing on finding a non-athletic form of fundraising for next time round!

Izzy Khan:

I ran 17 days of it but had to walk the rest as I fell ill with a chest infection and had laser eye surgery, so a couple of hiccups on the way! I was a bit disappointed at the bits I couldn’t run because I love a challenge, I really enjoyed it though 


really proud of how much we all raised!

Stevyn Monaghan:

Due to an injury I couldn’t physically run 5km a day so I opted to do 15km a day on the bike. I managed to do 26 days throughout the month covering just under 400km. Certainly not as physically demanding as the run although my backside would go numb from time to time and my right knee hurt a bit, but I soldiered on #NeverGiveUp.

Louise Hunter:

Probably one of the most difficult challenges I have ever taken on in my life! I don’t think I really knew what I was signing up to when I said I would do it. Really proud of myself and everyone that has taken part in this challenge – there have been many days (mainly weekends haha) when it was the last thing that I wanted to do, but unbelievably I did it! Just goes to show you are capable of anything you put your mind to! The positivity, support and general good will from everyone has been amazing! Massive congratulations everyone!

Chris McCarthy:

I wasn’t really sure if I could manage this when the idea was initially muted but I did fancy it as a way to get a little more fit. I mentioned it to my wife and shared that I was unsure as to my ability to do 5km per day. Her response was not quite the caring reply I had hoped for but was certainly what spurred me on to do it EVERY day! Apparently, if a man of my age can’t do 5km a day, I need to have a good look at myself! Well that was it and now, on day 31 I’m amazed and proud to be the only one who ran it every day. Oh and did I mention I was the only one who actually RAN it every day???

Shayne Wilson:

I found it totally inspiring, watching team mates who were previously non-runners, really embrace the challenge, suffering, and overcome days when they weren’t motivated to keep going.

Richard Gahagan:

Two things struck me, watching the runners stick at it and persevere day in and day out consistently. The other, as a walker due to injury, is how nice it is getting out and about either before work or during lunchtimes. Also worth a mention is how far you can cover if you do your meetings on the hoof or longer telephone calls. We all often use time in our cars but how many use call time on foot?

Peter Baker:

5k a day is toilsome at times, fitting around schedules. However, there wasn’t one run that I finished that I didn’t enjoy. All for a great cause.

Adam Walker:

At first it was fun, then it was toil, then it was painful and then it became one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Really proud to have set this up, but a huge thank you to all the people who got involved and help reach the amount we have done. October 2016, is not a month I will forget quickly.

Gareth Oakley:

Incredibly proud to work as part of a team of people who really embraced the challenge of running 5k every day raising money for a cause close to all of our hearts.

Charlotte Utton:

5k a day is easy…said no one ever! Well apart from me one month ago and I can safely say I was completely wrong! Considering I drive everywhere and am pretty lazy…the biggest challenge was getting actually putting my trainers on and getting outside but in all honesty I actually really enjoyed it! The team have done such a fantastic job raising money for a great cause and it’s so nice to watch everyone’s passion and commitment. My only suggestion…can we do it in the summer next time?

So there you have it! If you thought it sounded like an easy challenge to take on, hopefully we’ve changed your mind … but not put you off – we’d love to be an inspiration for other fundraising efforts!

There’s still time to donate to the cause, which you can do here.