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Why bring Adam to London?

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For the past 10 years, we’ve got our biggest buzz from watching our clients grow their businesses and seeing the talented folks we identify, develop and flourish in their careers.  We started Adam with the aim of taking the complexity out of finding great people for businesses as well as being a pleasure to deal with, and in Manchester I like to think we have achieved that. It was therefore a natural step for us to launch another hub in arguably the best city in the world, London, where there is so much opportunity and so many ambitious businesses on a mission.


We launched our office in January 2015 when I moved to London to kick-start the business after several months of planning.  It was evident there was a huge opportunity for us to replicate our value added partnership approach that has been the bedrock of our success from our Manchester HQ days.


I did however completely underestimate the differences in how businesses operate in London compared to Manchester.  Our business in Manchester covers a diverse array of sectors and specialisms and we have grown an extensive network of contacts within these fields.  Down here however, it is a different story. Clients solely want specialists and are keen to get to the nub of your proposition and what is unique about it.  Rightly so in my opinion, and our focus was an obvious choice.


I have spent the past 15 years of my career working with agencies so I guess I know a bit about what makes them successful and more importantly, how to identify and land the right talent for them.


So, we spend our days partnering with owner managed digital, marketing and advertising agencies and work tirelessly trying to unearth exceptional talent within client services to help them achieve their vision.  These folks are the lynchpins to every agency and they make the magic happen.


Without them, business owners wouldn’t have the freedom to be able to work “on the business”, looking at the strategy and the future vision of their agency as they’d get dragged back into the daily running and minutiae.  Hence, the laser-focussed approach we’ve adopted – our goal is to become the best in class in this field in London.


We are 100% focussed and committed to creating a world where we take the complexity and complication out of finding great people for ambitious businesses.  Simple right?  In reality, there’s an awful lot that goes on behind the scenes to make this simple mission statement happen.


We are more passionate than ever that new and existing clients can benefit from a national network of talent between the two main hubs of London and Manchester.


Although we are still very much in start-up mode celebrating the little wins or successes; from a new client who wants to partner with us or a cracking client service candidate who we’ve met, it is a step in the right direction to our goal and a “mini high five” in the office.


We’re all working very hard on behalf of our clients, but it is a relaxed atmosphere with an adult approach.  We know what we are trying to achieve and how we are going to do it.  Now it is a question of doing it, with real purpose and a smile.  I’m a big fan of breaking up my day by heading to the gym at lunchtime to shake off the cobwebs and re-energise for the afternoon.  So it’s no surprise that we can all be seen trooping off at lunchtime for a quick blast.


There’s a great agency community in London with regular networking events, seminars, breakfast meetings so we’re throwing ourselves into all of them.  Its doing wonders for growing our network and more importantly we are learning lots and meeting some really interesting people who are really supportive and complimentary about what we are doing here.  It seems there is a genuine need for our specialist services and partnership approach.  Above all, our clients and candidates couldn’t be more grateful for the value we are adding and they are recognising all the hard work we are putting in.


So, we’re 18 months in and loving the journey.  We’ve struck up some great partnerships, made some great friends and are genuinely making a difference.


There’s no turning back for me, a big future beckons for Adam London…