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10 Years at the Helm of Adam

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This week represents a huge milestone for Adam as we are very proud to be celebrating our 10th year in business. I can honestly say that the journey to date has surpassed all expectations we set ourselves when we were hatching our business plan huddled around Richard’s kitchen table all those years ago.

Having been immersed in the corporate world for 5 years previously, Richard and I felt passionately about creating a business where we would be able to focus on building a brand that would be synonymous with quality of service and delivery. We wanted to create a world where we would take all the complexity and complication out of finding great people for businesses and be a pleasure to deal with. Simple really. In reality, there was a lot more to it and plenty of hurdles to leap over but we set out with the bit in between our teeth.

Firstly, our plan was to ensure that we became genuine partners to everyone we dealt with and focus on building fantastic personal relationships. This would create an emotional connection with our work and ensure that we helped not only businesses achieve their growth plans but also people develop their careers and realise their personal aspirations.

Additionally, we wanted to create an environment where people genuinely loved to work, a place where they would be able to truly express themselves, develop their skills and ultimately be successful. So we jettisoned the old school KPI’s, clock in and clock out micro-mentality, and gave our guys the opportunity to map out what success looked like to them and advise us how they planned to get there. We have genuinely empowered our employees and coached and developed them to succeed in line with their expectations.

Looking back, I’m confident that we have achieved the above and have built a team of people who truly believe in and are passionate about what they do. Richard and I are very proud of the fact that a large proportion of our team have been with us for over 5 years which is testament to them and the hard work & commitment they have put in.

Recruitment at times can be exceptionally difficult with success hard to come by, but when you do manage to provide a solution to both candidates and clients, that feeling of fulfilment is tough to beat.

The journey has been awash with plenty of challenges which have taught us all plenty of commercial lessons and enabled us to stay in business and ultimately grow. In 2009, we had to navigate through turbulent economic times, but it’s testament to our dedicated, hard-working team that we managed to survive and evolve. I guess that without the tough times, we wouldn’t have been able to relish and celebrate the successful times.


We’ve even been fortunate to have won several awards over the years which is nice to know that our hard work has been recognised by the national and local business community.

We’re also hugely thankful to all our clients and partners who have helped us on the way. We feel so privileged and humbled to have been instrumental in helping so many businesses grow and achieve their business plans and to have helped so many people secure their dream job and be able to develop their careers.

A huge Adam shout out must also go to all our suppliers, from our legal and financial partners to IT and Marketing, all of whom have made an untold contribution. Without you guys, we would haven’t been able to focus on what we do best and love spending our days doing.

What’s next for Adam – well, firstly we’re going to kick back on Saturday in Manchester and have a cracking celebration with all our employees and families and all the folks that have helped us on our journey to date. Without them all, we wouldn’t be the special business that we are today.

Then, we’re going to knuckle down again in both Manchester and London and carry on helping our clients land the best talent on offer in both cities as that is what we are exceptional at. We’ve got plenty of growth plans afoot and we are about to roll out our 3 year strategy to get the team engaged and energised about the future. One thing for sure is that it will be an exciting ride, so get strapped in!

So, all that’s left to say is a massive thank you from Richard, Vanessa and myself to our hugely talented, hard-working and dedicated Team and all of you who have contributed to our journey and success en-route. Here’s to the next 10 years and beyond.