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What are the 5 Must-Have skills that will make you stand out as an Account Manager?

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As an Account Manager your role is integral to ensuring the smooth running of projects as well as being key to maintaining a good relationship with the client. You’ll essentially be bridging communications between creative departments and the client to make sure projects are brought in on time, on budget and aligned to the client’s expectations.

Throughout my career so far, a majority of the roles that I have worked have been for Account Managers across Digital, Marketing and Integrated Agencies within London. Here are the top five skills I look for in an Account Manager that are mirrored and sense-checked by clients:

  • Attitude

As with any role, a positive attitude is absolutely essential to make sure you get the job done. It is even more important as an Account Manager that you have a pro-active, ‘can do’ attitude. You need to make the client feel that you will do anything in order to get the job done and that nothing is too much to ask.

Ultimately, as the agency your client has chosen to work with, you are an extension of their marketing department. This means that as the Account Manager you are the first port of call in your business for them. The right attitude gives a positive impression of your company which in turn strengthens their respect for the work you and your colleagues do.

  • Communication

The ability to communicate with people from all walks of life is a vital skill for great Account Managers as you regularly deal with different levels of seniority – from Marketing Managers to Directors and even business owners and CEO’s – and that requires adaptability.

Client dissatisfaction is often caused by a breakdown of communication between the agency and client. Whether that is due to a lack of effective contact, following up post-project or not returning phone calls, all of these things can leave a client feeling like they are not your number 1 priority.

  • Do what you say you will do… Or don’t say it at all…

One of the biggest issues clients have with agencies is when they do not fulfil requirements or fail to do what they said they would do……as we know, clients always remember when you haven’t done something that you’ve said you will do.

As the Account Manager you need to know that you will be able to deliver what you are promising. There is nothing more frustrating as a client than being told you will receive a piece of work by the end of the week and two weeks later there is still nothing in your inbox. If you say you are going to do something, make sure you 100% do it. Failing that, if there are issues, pick up the phone and be honest with your progress and outline the issues so they are kept up to speed on the project.

  • Be genuine

Another crucial part of an Account Manager’s role is to build relationships with the client. As the point of contact within the company, you will be held accountable for anything that goes right or wrong.

Part of building the trust necessary for a good relationship with your client is to be genuine & authentic in your dealings with them. Making the effort to learn the little things like hobbies and holidays helps to engage on a personal level which sets you apart from other suppliers. Being genuine as an Account Manager leads to building strong, loyal and (most importantly) successful relationships with the people that matter.

  • Get the Result

In order to retain and grow the business, an Account Manager needs to secure and maintain profitable accounts. To do this, a good Account Manager needs to be focused on results – for both the client and the business.

It is important to deliver projects for the client on time, within budget and with proven ROI. In doing so, the account manager will help to build trust with the client and retain the business year on year.

If you are looking for an account manager role, check out our vacancies here, or pick up the phone and we will be happy to help.