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Enjoy the Journey of Life!

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One of the core principles we established when we founded Adam was that we wanted at all times to continue learning and building our business based on best practices taken from our interactions with clients, contacts and friends. As a result of this a couple of months ago the team undertook an exercise in working out what our core values are and how we want to go about our business.

It was a fantastic experience and one which I think was illuminating and at the same time really crucial as Adam continues to expand, develop and bring in new people and clients. As a result of this we developed a core theme that Adam was all about the how we interact as part of the “Journey of Life” and that our core mission was to “Transform Lives” (hence our #transforminglives which we are enormously proud of!) based on core values of Love, Trust and Respect.

Following a chance introduction to the fabulous Purdi Gibson at one of the many networking events I attend (they are networking events and are crucial to business I will have you know!) it dawned on me that we might go full on cool and get our walls at our Manchester HQ done to represent visually our mission and values (after all if its good enough for Facebook et al. why not Adam?).

So after a lot of discussion, debate, input and probably the most confusing brief ever given to an artist over the past two weeks our boardroom and offices have undergone a transformation at the hands of this super talented young artist, transforming (see I know how to stick to a message) our slightly bland offices into a super cool, colourful and highly distinctive representation of what we stand for.


I know the team and I were really impressed with the work that she has done and we love the fact that everything we stand for is now there as a constant reminder of what our core mission, values and culture are for the existing team and for all our candidates, contacts and clients when they visit us.

On behalf of the team at Adam I would like to thank Purdi for her fantastic work and all of the team for their very creative input. I’m looking forward to undergoing a similar process at our London HQ at some point very soon but until then if you are in Manchester and want to see the wall first hand please do give us a shout and we’ll happily give you a coffee and show off our super cool artwork.

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