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We’re all going on a summer holiday

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With the summer holidays coming thick and fast, you could be facing weeks and even months, with people away from desks and projects. It’s important that your business maintains its productivity and your commercial output doesn’t grind to a halt. Do you have business systems and procedures in place to support with potential disruption during the annual summer holiday rush? Is it time to rethink your holiday policy or, if you haven’t got one, should you implement one?

The best approach to managing staff holidays is to monitor them with good procedure and an accessible system. Make sure you are aware of which members of staff are going to be off and have front of mind what their role is within the business to determine the correct resources and skills are still available during their absence.

Additionally as well as the impact on your own business, remember to manage the expectations of your clients. Client demands may not be met if key Account Handlers are missing, so make sure to update accordingly.

Adam has vast experience of assisting businesses in these scenarios, through the use of contract/interim staff we source. In one scenario a prolific marketing agency were going to be short staffed, but we managed to supply them with a temporary Digital Marketing Manager, who worked with them for 6 weeks to deliver a project for a key client on time. Not only did they meet the project deadline but they won some additional work which the candidate also helped to deliver. Our temporary staff have also assisted client side businesses deliver key marketing campaigns over the summer months, increasing revenue at this crucial time.

Monitoring holidays is useful for identifying team members who may not be using their holiday entitlement fully. This can be seen as a good thing for the business at the time as it means extra bodies in the workplace but can cause a real headache at the end of the year when a number of staff members have holiday left to take …at the same time …leaving you with the same problem.

Our top tips:-

  • Monitor them with good procedure and an accessible system
  • Remember to manage the expectations of your clients
  • Manage resources and bring in agency staff where necessary
  • Ensure staff take holidays over the full course of the year

If there’s no way to avoid crucial absences, consider interim or temporary contract cover. These hires can be useful particularly for niche skill sets and roles and can join your business in a moments notice.

If you’re after temporary/interim cover please contact our contract team on 0161 359 3789.