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How to find the very best temporary staff

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Temporary or contract staff may sometimes seem like a backup plan to hiring permanent staff, but there are many benefits, which we’ve discussed, in previous blogs. I’m here today to talk about how, once you’ve engaged with a recruitment partner, you can find the very best temporary/interim staff for your business

Hiring temporary/interim can be a bit of a gamble as you’re bringing in a fresh face for what could only be a couple of months and there’s an expectancy and pressure for a new hire to, ‘hit the ground running’.

Make sure they understand the business they’re joining.

It hopefully comes off as standard when you’re interviewing a candidate- that they’ve actually taken the time to research your company and gleamed some insight into what you do. It seems like an obvious one, but plenty of us fail to see the warning signs of a candidate that isn’t the right fit. They might seem confident and willing, but a few weeks in they may find that they’ve made the wrong decision and you’ll be back to square one again. It’s too risky to mis-hire with a contractor, especially if it’s a short-term project, which requires urgent cover.

Are they industry ‘specialists’?

The recruitment costs may go up, the more niché you get, but it’s surely worth the price for someone who can come in, who already understands the industry you work in, especially if it’s a niché industry itself

The temporary arena can unfortunately produce contractors who like to ‘job hop’. Temporary positions have become somewhat of a breeding ground for those looking to get paid and get out.

To avoid this, it might be worth dealing with a specialist sector recruiter in the first place. Instead of a ‘Jack of all trades’ agency who can provide contractors in multiple industries, perhaps choose an agency that has a pedigree in the market you’re in. The right candidate may be attracted to temporary roles in order to build up experience in your field and you could be offering the perfect opportunity for them.

Contract recruitment can be perfect for cover, project assistance, specialist skills and much more, but hiring right first time is the critical element here. Make sure you’re working with an established recruitment agency, with experience, professional contract consultants who can get you an interim hire who will add value.