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How can we assist in making the Digital recruitment process more efficient?

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In the current Digital, Marketing & IT landscape, the need for top digital talent and skills is unending. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for the best and brightest digital marketing talent and that talent will always need new roles to satisfy them. In a modern market it’s fascinating how much time ‘process’ and protocol slows the whole recruitment cycle down.

In my opinion simple steps can be taken to increase the journey from job role to placement. I have found Contract Recruitment has the capability to provide services, which greatly decrease the time from job to placement. This is mutually beneficial to both parties. Here are a few things that would simplify and speed up the recruitment process:

  • Contractors– they are a fast and effective solution for a digital client and candidate, whether it’s an important project that requires a Digital Project Manager on a temporary basis or you simply need some specialist knowledge or maternity cover; Contractors offer niche skills and can usually start work immediately & plug the gap seamlessly to ensure you deliver your work in line with the client’s expectations. Working with a Digital Contractor also means you can ‘try before you buy’, if they don’t work out, most contractors operate via a day rate so there is a minimal outlay for the business. From a Contractor’s perspective, you’ll get to experience a variety of different agencies, clients and industries. Due to high demand you won’t be waiting for weeks to be placed, meaning that you can operate and provide your specialist online skills as a matter of urgency.

Adam recently placed a fantastic digital candidate in a leading Leisure/Travel Giant which produced the following result –

“A candidate of ours transformed the ecommerce trading for the brand and was instrumental in helping them achieve the sale of the business for £90m last year. She is very well renowned in the sector and is becoming a leading authority in E-commerce, Marketing & Digital Transformation.” 

Other steps that could speed up the recruitment journey and make it more painless for you:

Use good Digital Marketing recruiters who know their market– a lot of time can be wasted ferrying between consultants and different account managers from various recruitment agencies. It’s easy for the frustrations to set in quickly if you feel you’re being messed around. My advice is to not spam your CV around all the generic job boards hoping the scattergun approach will work. Instead do some research, look for specialist job boards or a recruitment agency/recruiter who are master’s of their market, have a good reputation and aren’t a faceless person in a call center. A dedicated single recruiter means there is always a point of contact and that very little can get lost in translation.

Lastly, imagine you’ve found the perfect candidate, but they are unwilling to relocate or are missing a few key skills. Or imagine if you think you’ve found the perfect company to work for, but the salaries a little lower than you expected. Having a full understanding of the role beforehand can be invaluable for avoiding hurdles down the line. A good consultant can bridge the gap here by understanding the client’s requirements and feeding them back to you and in return find out what the candidate is looking for.

The journey for the candidate/client in the Digital arena can be made easier by taking onboard a few of the points above; nobody likes timewasters and waiting out day after day for updates, so it’s the simple things that must be corrected first.

What struggles and frustrations have you faced when job hunting/looking for new talent?