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6 Reasons to take a break

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You’ve tried everything: Yoga, meditation, more sleep, less sleep, exercise and even detox but none of them are working! The previous are of course remedies for the stress of a sales-driven environment, in particular the Recruitment industry. 

I have often found myself questioning what’s the best way to relax and refocus your mind during a full financial year of hard graft. To be honest the best cure is to take a bit of time away from it all, here’s reasons why:

1. Your best ideas WILL come to you when you are totally switched off and away from the coal-face- if you’re relaxing on a short overseas break or putting your mind at ease, you’ll give your brain more time & space to come up with those million dollar ideas.

2. Perspective- If you are embroiled in the day-to-day grind and stress of the office, it’s hard to take a step back and actually see ways past issues which may arise; you have to give yourself the room to step back and take a macro-perspective

3. Look after yourself- Life is a marathon not a sprint, conditioning is important and it’s down to you to give yourself that care and attention to keep yourself at optimum levels both mentally & physically

4. Recharge to keep healthy- Quite simply we all need a good recharge sometimes. The office all goes to our head sometimes, so consuming good food & drink in a more relaxed environment will mean you’re ready to go refreshed with renewed vigour and purpose once you get back into the fray.

5. Spend time with others- Work often detracts the time we can spend with others, if you’re off for a week, make plans with your friends, family and contacts who you haven’t seen for a while.

6. Shut down, completely-Work place issues will have a habit of following you wherever you go, via email, text, etc. Understanding expectations, and managing them, plays a big part in avoiding potential problems. Having to maintain office contact while away with family or friends can sometimes trigger negative feelings. But there are a few things you can do tofind out what’s expected of you while you’re off, and also keep any contact that is required to a minimum.