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Mental Toughness Series- Part 4

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Every thought you have is a message you’re sending to yourself about whether or not you feel like you’re confident and capable of accomplishing your goal. Successful people believe they can achieve what they want to. Successful people have an unshakeable belief in their ability to accomplish their goals and know that one bad day doesn’t mean that they wont be successful. Use failures as feedback and carry what you learned into the next situation. Failures don’t make you want to throw in the towel; they make you want it even more.

Training Tool: Imagery

Research has shown the use of imagery is a strong predictor of confidence and mental toughness (Mattie & Munroe-Chandler, 2012). Athletes have the ability to imagine the future and the ability to change their expectations of that future. The ability to see success in your mind helps you to believe you are capable of success in your life. When you use imagery, you create the opportunity to mentally rehearse how you want to feel and what you want to do during your performance. When combined with goal setting this makes goals seem more attainable, but also provides more motivation when times are hard.

Pressure tool: Thought Stopping

When people who are in a tough situations and get stuck in negative thought patterns or in negative emotions, it can feel like you’ve jumped onto a high-speed train and there is no way to jump the track. When you recognize that you are engaging in thoughts that are detrimental