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Mental Toughness Series- Part 3

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How quickly can you regain your composure after a setback? This is a sign of your resilience and mental fitness, some people its over in an instance, others can take days!! A mentally tough person can quickly assess the situation, adapt to the new circumstances and learn from the event to prevent future exposure to that problem. When you’re resilient it means that there is no situation that isn’t rescuable, and you aren’t immediately defeated in the face of a setback. You can handle anything that comes your way and where others see obstacles, you see opportunities.

Every day Tool: Obstacles to Opportunities

How you define the challenge in front of you changes everything. When you encounter an obstacle during training, see what changes for you when you choose to think; “This is going to suck.” vs. “This is going to be hard.” vs. “This is going to be a challenge.” vs. “This is going to be an opportunity.” When you look for opportunities you find your way around the obstacle and can come out even stronger on the other side.

Crunch time tool: Affirmations

Many of us are better at creating lists that feed our doubts than we are at creating lists that build up our strengths. Affirmations are powerful messages that can help influence your feelings of competence and confidence. Craft a list of positive and powerful statements that will fuel your confidence when you’re closing your deal, landing you’re placement or competing in your event.