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Mental Toughness Series- Part 2

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One of the characteristics of successful individuals is that they are able to perform under pressure and able to perform consistently. When you are mentally tough you stay in the present moment, keep your focus on the things that are in your control, and aren’t distracted by things irrelevant to your performance – how many recruiters can say they are too focussed on the admin that isn’t getting them anywhere or mapping out LinkedIn contacts that aren’t relevant to you? You’re able to focus on current tasks, regardless of what’s going on around you. You know that when you get to the end of your recruitment cycle (monthly/quarterly), you gave it everything you had to give, both mentally and physically, accomplishing all the tasks that needed to be done.

Everyday tool: Prepare for Adversity, plan for success

In a research study done with 33 elite athletes to define the concept of mental toughness, one of the dominant themes that emerged was the ability to deal with adversity (Middleton, et al., 2004). These athletes train for adversity, if you prepare every situation for a worst case scenario you provide yourself the opportunity to deal with things that come your way, avoid potential pitfalls and allow yourself to plan for success

Crunch time Tool: Critical Moments

When you’re preparing to land a deal, think about the elements that are critical to your pipeline that are critical to your success. Think through each element and plan how you want to react in those situations so you can stay focused on your ultimate goal and make this a part of your plan.


Focus is just another key part of what makes a good member of any team, it’s one thing being able to fully focus on something, but another to take into account pressure and circumstance.