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Have you ever considered the valuable role Recruiters play in business growth…?

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I’d like to kick my blog off with the following assessment from  Skipton Business Finance – “The UK recruitment industry is vital to the UK economy and to ensuring the biggest assets in business, people, are placed in the right jobs. It is a particularly fast growing sector in 2015, especially now the economy is starting to pick up again after a tough few years.”

Quite a fact and when you actually sit back to digest it, it makes me feel like we recruiters play a key and tangible role in businesses and more importantly, people’s lives. However, every now and again it frustrates me that the industry that I have worked tirelessly in for 15 years is shrouded in negativity by some folks who resent the role we play…Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware that there is a small percentage of people in our industry, like EVERY industry, who try to cut corners and go against the grain to earn a quick buck.  But why should the actions of those few be to the detriment of value-based businesses with a high level of ethics and morals?

At ADAM, we’ve worked very hard to ensure that we act as partners to our clients & candidates and not as a transacting recruiter who’s in your face one minute and then disappears into the ether the next.  We play such an important role in the business world – we help businesses grow, to achieve their goals and realise their vision.  On an individual level, we enable people to pursue their own personal goals by helping them step by step to land the elusive job they have been hankering after.  Executed in a simple, effective, well communicated and managed way we are a really important partner on all levels.

On the flip side & executed badly, the experience can tarnish the industry which is why we as business owners in the industry have to main the exacting working standards that we live and die by…it only takes one mistake to start the tongues wagging, but isn’t that the same in any industry?!

So in short – as long as we all remain true to what we are trying to achieve of transforming lives and creating collective success in a collaborative way, we will all be striving to make the UK’s Economy healthier.

Now that can’t be perceived as negative, right…?