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What Are You Worth?

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For those in the Marketing, Digital and Creative arena, I’ve got some good news; salaries in these industries have risen by up to 30%. With that in mind, is it time to assess your worth?

Valued at over £70 billion, the creative sector is one of the UK’s driving forces. 1 in 12 of fulltime professionals work within this industry. What’s a bonus for you is that the demand for Digital, Marketing and Creative talent has never been higher. With that in mind, it may seem logical so start firing your CV around, but there are other avenues to explore.

With so many digital positions to fill and so few professionals to fill them, 2014 was known as ‘the year of the counter-offer’. Businesses were recognising the finite pool of digital candidates available. And as they struggled to fill certain positions, digital employees found they were more willing to play ball with their current roster. One of the major items identified in the ‘key trends’ department was that plenty of promotions within the 3 sectors occurred, but most of these were internal; other trends that were identified:

  • London will continue to serve as the main UK ‘hub’ for agencies
  • There is a massive amount of individuals switching to freelance, due to the chance to earn more through day rates + more flexible/teleworking
  • There is no real divide between Clientside and Agency as due to the skills shortage there is a clear high volume of jobs
  • Pay across these sectors is increasing by about 10% on average with highs at 30%

The key here is to not be afraid to ask for a raise, have the initiative and more importantly, the drive. Take a look at what you’re worth in the market and bring that to the table.