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Mental Toughness Series- Part 1

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All recruiters have sales cycles and whether you put yourself under pressure with your own goals, or whether a business puts you under pressure with “stretch targets”, there comes a time when you need the right mind set. What i’m trying to say in this blog post is how to execute under pressure and some strategies to be able to cope when its crunch time. I’m fortunate enough to have  been coached by some immensely successful business people, some of their advice is contained here.


Motivation might be the thing that gets you going and gets you out of bed in the morning; However, commitment is what keeps you going when times are tough and the pressure’s on. Mentally tough people are committed to what they want to achieve and understand exactly how they are going to make it happen. Often so committed to that goal, that they speak about it like they’ve achieved it and have sold their idea to close friends, family and colleagues. When you are committed to the goal, any setbacks you encounter are temporary and it’s not a matter of if you accomplish your goal, but when.

Every day Tool: Goal Setting

Setting clear, well defined goals that mean something to you help to create a vision of what success looks like to you. You know exactly how you want to feel having accomplished your goals. You’ll set short (daily) and medium term goals to know that you’re on track to achieve what it is you want out of recruitment (or any form of work) but also get motivation from what a successful day looks like to you.

When the pressures on: Acceptance

When you’re landing a deal, playing in sports or in interview and it’s coming to crunch time, you’ll be ready to accept whatever the day brings you. Don’t fight it; believe that it is exactly what you are meant to encounter that day. A driven individual has already done their due diligence on the opportunity and is aware of any potential hurdles they need to overcome, and plans for them. However, we all know events come from nowhere, trust yourself to handle them in your best interests. Well thought out and structure goals will subconsciously mean your brain is already working out how to manoeuvre the current situation to your benefit.