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How to Keep Winner’s Winning

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From early childhood, we are taught that there are two kinds of people: winners and losers. Resting on your laurels after a decisive victory is a sure fire road to arrogance and never hitting the heights, here’s my tips on why to celebrate, but also crack straight on:

  • Build a team, not employees: The key to any winning culture is to actually have a group of individuals who buy into the company and culture they represent. If you label them as ‘employees’ you can’t expect them to go the extra mile, which could take you to those new heights. Team members should be aligned, engaged, and focused on achieving group KPIs rather than performing ‘tasks’.
  • Define your hiring strategy-When it comes to creating a winning culture, it’s important to focus it correctly before anyone even gets through the door. Winners aren’t the type who clock in at 9, clock out at 5 and just want to paycheque each month. Before interviews, design the questions you want to ask and the profile you’re looking for.
  • Build a culture of trust-Many businesses, simply that believe internal trust is nice to have but not a key factor. That simply isn’t true. When there isn’t trust between team members, or between the company and its customers, it is impossible to achieve real success. I personally believe trust in a business is paramount to the success of that business. It comes back to the above points, building a team who trust each over and actually hiring people who will become ambassadors in the brand.
  • What do you get by achieving success? When I ask interviewees what their goals are and why they want to achieve them, I am amazed at how many people don’t have a purpose behind their decision making and goals.
  • Winners don’t give up- Success can be sweet, but is never constant, mental toughness is a massive part of creating a winning habit. Learn from failure, move on and continue to play to your strengths.
  • Celebrate – A crucial victory can mean the world after what may seem like an age of effort and long hours, but it’s important to enjoy the moment, for yourself and for the team.
  • Reflect Evaluate and Reset – But when the party’s over-It’s crucial to always raise the bar higher, that way you’ll breed a culture of winners who know to always aim higher! Make time to reflect on your performances, evaluate and most importantly leave this session with a set of new goals.

What else do you think breeds a winning culture, how have you found success in your company?