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The Top 3 Qualities of a Good Marketing Executive

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Junior level marketing professionals are some of the most valuable talent around. They are a massive asset to any team whether it’s in-house, client-side or agency, with diverse specialisms such as Digital, Technical, Communications, PR, Product, Social, Business Development and Brand. That being said it’s a competitive market and one that I deal with every day as a marketing recruiter. With that in mind here’s 3 ways to stand out from the crowd and kick-start your career.

 1. Use your creative side- With all the modern tools, suites and features available online and offline, there’s a massive world of possibility out there. The best marketers will use the tools, not just by design, but explore new ways to make the most out of their creative assets. By showing a bit of colour, fluidity and entertainment, that boring corporate features video can become something else entirely!

2. Set a target- With any new campaign you’ll likely set or be set targets to determine the success of your work. As well as your objectives, actually have a think about what you’re trying to achieve. Are you trying to drive more traffic to a website, are you trying to raise awareness for a new product or are you simply trying to sell a service which has fallen by the wayside? Visualise what you actually want your campaign to achieve and build from there

3.  Measure- The production & distribution of your marketing material should not be the endgame. A good marketer will understand that it’s essential to record and understand the analytical side of marketing for a number of reasons. Most importantly it shows how effective your campaign and strategy has actually been and secondly by tracking and recording data, you can add it to your CV as proof of a successful campaign.