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7 Secrets of Motivation

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Starting off the New Year witha bit of momentum is easy enough after a nice Christmas break. Butwhen you find yourself on a Tuesday halfway through a coldFebruary, how do you keep yourself motivated, on your toes andrevved up for the challenge?

1. Try something new andstick to it daily so it can quickly become embedded asHABIT. Take up a new sport or join a new group Find something you enjoy and keep it front of mindduring the week, that way you can channel the positive thoughtsaround a new activity towards work and motivation.

2.Useothers-The influence of others is just as importantas motivating yourself. Surround yourself with hard-working,outgoing, positive people. When times get hard make sure you canlean on the people by your side.

3. Visualise exactly whereyou want to be and how you’re going to getthere-Plan, plan and plan. Make sure you have anidea of where you want to be at the end of the year and detail howyou’re going to get there. It’s crucial to make a plan to keeptrack of yourself.

4. Write down what you’reworking towards and why– If ever your motivationbegins to wander, make sure you have written down what you werefighting for in the first place, it may re-kindle a bit of youroriginal passion.

5. Have a planB– If it comes to a big project or goal, alwayshave a plan B. You can’t plan for everything, so by takingprecautionary measures, you won’t lose momentum or heart ifsomething goes wrong.

6. Face discomfort headon-The most motivated people in the world will headstraight into the fray with a problem, adopt this mentality anddon’t try to outmaneuver every problem; it works for some, but forothers it will not.

7. Make time foryourself– Always find time to relax and recharge.There isn’t much that feels better than a solid week in theworkplace, but it’s crucial to revitalize yourself so you can goagain the week after.