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5 Things The Best Leaders Do

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Whether you’re a director, manager, team leader or justoverseeing a project, you’ll likely find yourself leading a groupat some point. Here’s our list of the top 5 traits of a goodleader:

1. Pay Attention- The best wayto stay connected to your team is to listen to those around you.Put aside time to provide feedback and guide them. If you put timeaside for them, they’re more than likely to put a lot more effortin for you.

2. Lead through example- Justbecause you are in charge, you have no right to sit back and assumeyou are better or more intelligent than those working underneathyou. Set the behaviors and ideals that garner activity. Youractions will speak a lot louder than words

3. Be Honest- A characteristic,which will define consistency and make you more transparent is yourability to be direct and be yourself. When you’re in the positionyou’re in, there won’t be room for sugar coating. Being honest iswhat will set you apart from the rest and is what will ultimatelycommand more respect from your peers.

4. Details- A good way to avoidcontinual frustrations throughout a project or task, is to set thescene early and provide as much detail as possible. It might betimely at the start, but will prevent you from back tracking lateron. Do your homework to make life easier for yourteammates!

5. Praise- While everyoneworks to a paycheck, money shouldn’t be the main source ofinspiration. People want to feel valued, useful and mostimportantly they want to grow in a role. Positive reinforcement anda simple ‘good work’ can work wonders.