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Should you use Social Media to complain about your job?

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Should you complain about yourjob on social?

Okay, this may seem like a fairly obvious question, but inreality it happens more than you think.

Type in ‘I hate my job’ on Twitter and there’ll be a hit every 2minutes or so, quite scary considering how much pretty much everycompany is in touch with Digital nowadays.

There have been a few more ‘high-profile’ cases recently. Theraid on every single member of Southampton’s first team squadcontinued this week with Tottenham looking to add midfielder MorganSchneiderlin and striker Jay Rodriguez to their ranks. NaturallySouthampton insisted no more of their players were for sale, butMr.Schneiderlin didn’t take too kindly to this and turned to socialmedia to vent his frustrations.

(See picture)

It wasn’t even indirect, he clearly hashtagged his current club.Obviously there’s adifference in wages between us common folk and a prima donnafootballer, but should they be treated any differently?

In ordinary circumstances, it will obviously come down to theemployee’s value to the company, but is making your demands andfrustrations known online the new way of pushing for a pay rise orpromotion?

In most cases ‘bitching’ about your position will usually resultin a lengthy disciplinary, a P45 and even legal action if theinformation is sensitive.

Obviously the whole process is incredibly unprofessional and isessentially a digital way ofthrowing your proverbial toys out of the pram, but in this age ofSocial Media, will ‘millenials’ know any different; especially withtheir favourite stars trying to force their way out of clubs withit?

Could we one day be vining a pitch for a new title, Facebookmessaging other recruiters fora ‘way out’ and even tweeting each other’s salaries for all tosee?

Only time will tell

What is your opinion on the current job/social mediaclimate, are footballers right to blast theircurrent club/employer?