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‘Global’ Manchester

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Is it time for Manchesteropen its doors to globalisation?


Without doubt Manchester is growing at an exciting rate. It’sforging its own identity as a hub for emerging talent- particularlyin Digital, PR and Tech (we’re already at the forefront of CloudComputing, with Cisco, Oracle and IBM already setting up shophere).

With this is mind, how much further could Manchesterrealistically go? Is it unrealistic to target talent overseas andmake Manchester a calling point for Europe, Asia andAmerica?

In my opinion I think more should be done to targetInternational candidate’s, in particular European candidates.

There is a skills shortage in the digital and creative marketsand there is talent overseas who should be able to come over anduse their skills in Manchester and other cities. Europe is afantastic melting pot for new talent. Take a look at Germany- it’sin the top 10 countries for Digital ‘natives’.

The big question is, ‘how doesManchester as a city, attract European candidates?’

You have to start with what makes Manchester great:

  • It’s the UK’s second city
  • Competitive salaries with exciting variation inopportunities
  • Accommodation costs are half as much as London
  • Highly accessible city with a very diverse culture

Spreading the word and getting as many people on board will bekey to attracting European candidates, but should we get the‘higher powers’ involved, such as Manchester City Council?

Is crowdsourcing another option?

What are your thoughts on Internationaltalent?

Does Manchester do enough to attractoverseas candidates?