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The Truth About Team-Building

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The Truth aboutTeam-Building

The phrase ‘Team Building’ can often cause a varied amount ofreactions, including: Excitement, Fear, Apprehension and Angst. Thetruth is, when you’re a growing company the team building functionbecomes a necessity as you break new people into the business,boost morale and try to build and get the most of your cultureoutside the office.

There are many activities you could try: Zip wires, canoeing,segway racing, rambling, etc.

The most important thing about team-building is getting the mostout of your time out of the office in the form of buildingrelationships between employees; versus what you could have gotdone in the office.

To accomplish this make sure you have a proper plan in place andas a manager what are you looking to accomplish from the day /conversely, what does the team want to get out of the day? Whetherthat is getting a new starter fully integrated into the team orpulling in folks from various geographical locations, know yourcollective goal for the day.

Making it worthwhile is also equally important, if you performsome fairly bland exercises the impact won’t be as much as if you’dput some real effort into making it a memorable experience, it’sincrediblyimportant to choose an activity which caters for all.

Lastly make sure there’s a challenge involved, you might bewasting everyone’s time if your colleagues don’t pull together andovercome an obstacle, an attitude which should be transferable fromoffice to outdoors. You want everyone on the team bus on the wayback to be like “wow I got so much out of it”.

Mountain climbing or whatever it may be that you & yourcolleagues are keen to do as a team-building exercise is aquintessential quality of a successful business!