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Should you relocate?

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Would yourelocate?

With the newyear upon us, it’s going to be another big one for all in thebusiness world. One of your first ports of call should be yourcurrent role. Where are you and your company going, are you happyand would you consider a move?

If the answeris yes, how far would you move?

In an ever more competitive market, Clients and Candidates alikeare considering relocation for their next role or internalpromotion. A recent poll suggested that more people than ever areconsidering moving for a new job or to enhance their career with anexisting employer. But should you make a move?

There has been a big shift in the amount of companies offeringrelocation assistance to candidates to entice the top talent. Moreand more, the line of questioning will turn to ‘are you willing torelocate’?

The main issue on anyone’s mind who is moving would be, how canthe business help me? Should clients be more flexible withmoves?

One of the first things you should do when planning a move isaskyour potential employer if they offer a relocation policy.Relocation policies can vary greatly and if it is not immediatelyobvious that an employer offers relocation assistance, ask for it!There is certainly no definitive article in what you’ll get as acandidate. The finer points potentially help with legal fees,removal costs, storage and temporary accommodation. Figures in theregion of 8,000-12,000 (tax free) are becoming much more commonplace from clients. 

Here at Adam, we have had a heightened amount of clients who areprepared to offer relocation packages for top candidates, at a midto senior level; especially areas with a demonstrable shortage oftalent, i.e.: digital, ecommerce and new business.

Relocation is certainly a prospect that requires a lot ofthought, but with exciting opportunities further away and employersbeing a lot more flexible and helpful with moves, it’s certainly anopportunity for anyone looking to broaden their horizons andadvance their careers.