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Why you should buy your meat from the local butcher?

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Will generation Y realise quicker than generation X did?

This isn’t a blog about health foods or horsemeat in burgers or the virtues of being  vegetarian versus carnivore. Whilst I do believe buying local not only ensures you are looking after local business, it means invariably you are buying better quality than you would at the supermarket, likewise fish shops and the local green grocers are key for health, farming and the local environment not to mention local business. In all cases imagine a scenario where your kids have no choice but to drive to a large out of town store whether they wanted to or not and what their views on organic farming, CO2 emissions or brand snobbery. Simply lack of choice may mean it all goes under one roof, or one search engine?

When you think of it, look at the high street in most out of town and even some parts of the UK’s most vibrant cities and even clothing, video and music is hard to buy locally. You could argue this can all now easily be purchased on the web or in the local supermarket. Pause for thought though and fast forward 20 years.

If you don’t shop outdoors, the stats appear that unfortunately team sport is on the decline where are you going to choose to be social? With total faith that the human race advances in every generation, the future hopes of the current crop of twentysomethings are very much at the heart of what is important, some would say critical to the talent and growth of tomorrow in all walks of life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the web in many ways, it is critical to most businesses and I enjoy banter on Facebook and Twitter with mates away from work. However at some point we need a paradigm shift and realise that quick, simple sit at home clicking won’t always find the happiest outcome. As the US starts to embrace addiction therapy for over use of smart phones we have to ask searching questions about what kind of community we want  in the future. The route that means we get up, go out and talk to people, buy from people, shop with people, play sport with people and enjoy the real contact with people has to be healthier than doing it in cyber world?

I don’t mind if people choose that they don’t like my writing style, think I am old fashioned or even choose to think my blogs are badly written, but this subject is one I feel passionately about – there is nothing wrong with developments in technology and there are constantly great reasons to pursue science to new frontiers, but I am not sure we will consider this decade as progress if smart phones and social media replace smart behaviour and human contact.

Hopefully the intelligence of Generation Y will show us all the way