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Time for Change? Breaking the Misconceptions of Hiring a Contractor

​The number of self-employed professionals in the UK has increased by 43%, and the overall contribution to the UK economy by freelancing professionals is around £119 billion (IT Contractors UK). Th...

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The Power of Networking

It’s always great to hear a business success story. But you won’t often hear one as interesting as Josh Bolland’s.At the ripe age of 18, he joined arms with his technically-minded brother Ollie, an...

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Making the Most of The Worst-Case Scenario

In August 2017, Ruth Naylor was under enormous amounts of stress. She was a newly single mum to two small children, a high-flyer in corporate banking and was about to embark on a new business ventu...

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​What Is an Impact Statement and Why Do You Need One?

30% of job seekers have left a role within 90 days of being hired. This is an expensive problem for businesses that invest time and money in hiring the ‘right’ people. Only to start the process all...

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Guest Blog - A tale of clear purpose, a bit of disruption and heaps of courage

Robert Ritchie is Head of Organisational Development at Salford University. He took time out to pen this fascinating blog on​ the organisation's innovative approach to giving their people freedom ...

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