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Menopause, Period, Miscarriage: Navigating the sensitive world of leave policies – Part 1

​Giving employees MORE paid time off? Leave it out!At least, that’s the attitude some business owners adopt. But many companies already offer enhanced leave packages beyond the statutory requirem...

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What Does an Angel Investor Look For?

​Vikas Shah MBE is the CEO of Swiscot and a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor.From fresh-faced web designer to industry guru, Vikas has led an unpredictable career - powered above al...

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​How Can Entrepreneurs Achieve Greatness?

​Our recent podcast guest, EJ Flynn, is the Managing Director of The Supper Club, an organisation for entrepreneurs post-startup with high growth on their agenda (our Founder and Director, Leon Mil...

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What’s Holding You Back From Success? - Part Two

​Welcome back! As promised, this is our blog covering part two of our podcast with John Shinnick. If you haven’t read part one (or listened to the podcast), we recommend you do it now. A quick refr...

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From Tech Agency Owner to Building a Life Saving App

​It’s one thing to succeed as a tech agency entrepreneur. But coming up with a feasible idea for a life saving app? That’s an enormous feat of courage and genius. This is why Matt Farrar, Founder o...

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Guest Blog - A tale of clear purpose, a bit of disruption and heaps of courage

Robert Ritchie is Head of Organisational Development at Salford University. He took time out to pen this fascinating blog on​ the organisation's innovative approach to giving their people freedom ...

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