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Finding Jennie Richards the Perfect HR Role

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Jennie Richard’s previous role was as Head of Training and Development for a professional services firm in Manchester. Her experience in senior level HR roles made her a beacon for recruiters, when she became available for new roles following redundancy in 2017. Back on the market, she was approached by many recruiters due to her in-demand skills and high-level of experience in HR.

Having previously worked with Adam Principal Consultant Lindsey Wroe, Jennie focused her job search efforts on working with Adam. She trusted Lindsey’s experience, knowledge of the HR sector and contacts in the North West. Lindsey had placed Jennie in her role three years ago, so Jennie felt confident that she could find her an ideal position tailored to her objectives.

Jennie explained, “Due to my senior HR experience, I get approached by a lot of recruiters. They see £ signs because they can place me in senior roles. Lindsey takes a much more personal approach. She understands me and the type of roles I’m suited for and would enjoy. There are not many roles at my level in HR and because of Lindsey’s connections, if they are out there, she knows about them.”

Perfect Timing

When Jennie got in touch with Adam Recruitment, Lindsey was helping a Manchester professional service firm shape the person specification for a brand-new role. As she learnt more about the skills and experience needed, Lindsey realised it was a perfect match for Jennie.

Because Lindsey was working directly with the company, an interview was arranged in record time. She supported Jennie throughout the process:

“She was there when I met the current HR Directors, providing me with solid advice and an overview of the business objectives. I always felt like I had her support. She was constantly in touch and always kept me updated on the process.”

Jennie’s New Role

After just four weeks, Jennie was offered the role within training and competence. She’d had many offers from other companies and recruiters. But Lindsey’s role was head and shoulders above the rest: Jennie felt connected to the team and was excited about the projects she was going to work on.

Overall, Jennie was over the moon with the service Lindsey provided:

“What you get with Lindsey is reassurance and the utmost professionalism. She really stands out amongst the crowd of other recruiters. And when I spoke to Adam’s HR team and other consultants, I noticed that they all had the same qualities. I wouldn’t deal with many others due to their lack of professionalism and lack of knowledge of the HR sector.”

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