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Achieve Your Personal Goals at Adam

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Finding a job you love is great.

But finding a job that helps you achieve your dreams? That’s a whole new level of awesome.

It’s the feeling you get when you collect the keys to your first home. Or when you land the promotion you’ve always wished for.

Want in? Keep reading to discover how we help our employees smash their personal goals through one-on-one guidance and support.

A Personal Business Plan

What does success look like for you? We regularly pose this question to our employees to find out how we can help them achieve their personal goals.

Whether they need a deposit for a house or want to have more holidays to improve their wellbeing, we spend time which each individual to create a unique business plan that’s hyper-focused on their future goals.

For example, we will work out what our consultant needs to bill and earn to meet their personal objective. We then provide the support needed to help them achieve it.

Significant Lifestyle Improvements

Leanne Scaletta, for instance, started her career with Adam as an administrative assistant. She took to the role effortlessly and it wasn’t long until she was asking for more challenging work to achieve her professional goals, as well as improve her lifestyle.

Together, we created an opportunity for her to develop her skills and, owing to her determination and genius, she rose through the ranks rapidly.

Today, Leanne is our Operations Manager. A better wage means she has been able to go off the grid somewhere hot and beautiful a few times a year.

This has made a massive difference to her wellbeing and the enjoyment she gets from her work:

“I've gone from not affording a single holiday to having multiple trips every year. My financial security and work-life balance have massively improved over my time at Adam.”

Our director, Peter Baker, has also been able to boost his living standards thanks to his unwavering commitment and career support at Adam:

“Working at Adam enabled me to buy my first house, and recently the second, as well as travelling to new parts of the world.”

Lorna Meredith, Principle Consultant at Adam, similarly shared how earning sizable bonuses thanks to her progression within the company has impacted her quality of life:

“Kids are expensive! But owing to Adam, I can afford holidays, hobbies and other positive lifestyle changes for my children. This is something I’ve always dreamed of achieving, and getting the bonuses I deserve makes me feel incredibly valued.”

She also explains the value of being able to grow on her own terms and how this has increased the fulfillment she gets from her work:

“The autonomy and support provided meant I’ve been able to expand our offering to cover a national remit and recruit the niche specialisms that I’m passionate about.

“Mass volume recruitment has never really appealed to me. I much prefer working closely with individual clients and developing meaningful relationships. It makes me feel like I’m really adding value when I’ve recruited the perfect candidate who will make a positive impact on my clients’ business.”

“Constant Guidance and Tutorage”

Nathan Putsey has also benefited from ongoing career support. He joined us as a Contract Resourcer in August 2017 with no previous recruitment experience. Once he’d settled into the Adam family, we sat down with Nathan to discuss what he really wanted out of his career.

His immediate aim was to become a recruitment consultant. So we provided the training and support he needed to develop the necessary skills for the role.

Fast forward to March 2018 and with a thirst to learn and unshakeable determination he was promoted to Recruitment Consultant in just 7 months!

Here’s what Nathan had to say about his personal growth (read more about it here):

“The reason I chose Adam over other agencies came down to their honest and personable approach.

“Since the day I joined the team, I’ve been a student of the Adam ethos which is putting the candidate first and genuinely caring about the people we represent. It all boils down to giving great customer service - something that has been ingrained in me from the very beginning.

“Due to putting this philosophy into practise and hard work mixed with constant guidance and tutorage from the Adam team, I quickly got promoted. Despite the constant ridiculing for being a City fan, I’m chuffed to say I can’t wait for more success in the future.”

Dare to Dream

Take a moment to ask yourself: what do you really want to achieve?

Sometimes the answer to that question can be daunting. But not if you have the right people on your side: those who have the power and will to help you succeed.

Learn more about how Adam can put you on the road to personal fulfillment. Contact us today for a friendly chat on 0161 359 3789 or email us at